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Moving Shadow

Record LabelStudioMusic PublisherLegendSince 1990

YouTube Channel update

Moving Shadow: In The Mix…

Over 11 hours of your favourite Moving Shadow tracks now all in one official playlist with audio from the original masters.

The original releases covered a wide selection of tracks from the Moving Shadow catalogue and were released on CD between 1998 and 2005. Checkout the entire set in our official YouTube playlist.

There’s more to come, so make sure you’re subscribed, either to the YouTube channel or our email list.

Discography: reloaded

It’s back 😱

The source of truth for your favourite tracks can be found in the complete Moving Shadow Discography. Whether you’re a train spotter, collector, or general Moving Shadow fan, these listings provide a wealth of release information to boost your knowledge of the label.

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News: archive(d)


Not ‘new’ News, just yet. But for those that like to peruse the ‘old’ news we’ve retrieved most of it and given it its own ‘archive’ section.

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