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No Turning Back is the incredible debut album from Drum N Bass legend Calyx.

After a string of consistantly huge releases touching down on labels such as Metalheadz, 31 Recordings, V Recordings, Audio Couture, and of course Moving Shadow, and with champions from Andy C to Goldie smashing every dub they were given, this debut album has been hotly awaited and talked about by those in the know for what seems like an age!

Scan the posts of any Drum & Bass forum of late or ask any DJ’s / producers who are worth their salt in the scene today which artists have consistently turned out the biggest tracks over the last 12 months and rest assured that the majority of them will include the word ‘Calyx’. ‘No Turning Back’ is the culmination of 12 months of blood sweat and tears and is set to propel the South London-based maestro into the public eye and earn him the plaudits he so richly deserves.

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dom & roland   Additionally, stir into Calyx's current momentum a sprinkling of team-ups with other D&B greats such as the infamous Teebee, Gridlok, and wonder duo Ill.skillz, plus re-mixes and re-slams of some previous Calyx monsters by Dom & Roland, and Hive & Gridlok (remixing together for the first time!), and you’ll find this is undoubtedly a heavyweight album.

EVERY track has been gaining massive DJ support and with many already hailing Calyx as the producer of the year, this album looks set to be one of the highlights of 2005, the year that the Calyx sound takes over.

Look out!.

Technical Data:

Release Date : 25.04.05

Catalogue Number: ASHADOW 33

Vinyl: 8 exclusive tracks – one-a-side on four-piece vinyl for that superior sound, mastered by Simon @ The Exchange.
A Illusions
B Thru Your Eyes (Featuring Ill.skillz)
C Are You Ready? (Hive & Gridlok Remix)
D Get Myself To You
E Dead Ringer (Featuring Gridlok)
F The Things You Mean To Me
G Killa (Dom & Roland Remix)
H Chasing Shadows

CD: 1 x CD featuring 10 unmixed tracks.
01 Illusions
02 Follow The Leader (Featuring Teebee)
03 Are You Ready? (Hive & Gridlok Remix)
04 Dead Ringer (Featuring Gridlok)
05 Killa (Dom & Roland Remix)
06 Tearing Us Apart
07 Thru Your Eyes (Featuring Ill.skillz)
08 Cyclone (Featuring Teebee)
09 Chasing Shadows
10 Get Myself To You

Supporting Singles:

Industry cover   Cyclone
Follow The Leader

Catalogue Number: Shadow 173
Back For The Future cover   Tearing Us Apart
Are You Ready?

Catalogue Number: Shadow 176

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