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... 05.2 - CALYX TAKES CONTROL ...

05.2 sees the amazing series of Moving Shadow budget-priced CD samplers notch up to edition number 12. Following on from the successful guest appearance of EZ Rollers on 05.1, Calyx now takes over the decks to put together a massive 32 track live mix of the current cream of releases from the Moving Shadow stable.

If you've yet to witness a set from this man you're in for a treat as he slices through each mix with devastating accuracy. Understandably the mix features more than a few of his own works from this year's superb No Turning Back album and both series followers and Calyx fans will of course be extremely happy with the result.

Check out the CD soon!

XV series cover image

... XV = 15 YEARS OF THE SHADOW ! ...

It's been 15 years since the first Moving Shadow pressing made its way onto a shelf in a London Soho record shop. Since then of course distribution has spread worldwide and over the years we've managed to squeeze in over 45 full length CD's, well over 200 singles, 40 EP's and a barrage of remix releases.

To celebrate we're releasing a retrospective special edition collection of our favourite 12" moments in special black and gold 'XV' embossed commemorative sleeves. One 12″ will be released per week from with each being limited to just 1000 copies.

Here's a list of the first five, just so you know what to expect:

  • Cosmo & Dibs - Stareyes / Up Keys [SHADOWXV8]
  • Blame - 2 Bad Mice Take You / Kaotic Chemistry Take You [SHADOWXV11R]
  • 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down / Waremouse / Bombscare / 2 Bad Mice (Remix) [SHADOWXV14]
  • Kaotic Chemistry - L.S.D. EP [SHADOWXV20]
  • Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) / Feel Good (Original In Demand Mix) [SHADOWXV36R]

Ask your usual retailer for further details…

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition cover


Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has a whole bunch of Moving Shadow music featured in its soundtrack. Guess that's why it was up for Best Video Game Soundtrack at the MTV awards in Miami this year! You can go see who won by clicking this link. There's also a list of all the tunes used in the soundtrack for you to peruse through so if you don't already have a copy you might want to think about getting hold of one. Check out the website at Rockstar Games for full details of the PlayStation®2, PSP™, and XBox® formats.

Moving Shadow were involved in the first Midnight Club release back in 2000, when Dom & Roland provided exclusive tracks for the London stages of the game. The results of this became the now legendary Imagination / Skyliner / Soundwall / Original Sin which we released at the same time on a limited edition EP (MOVING SHADOW - MSXEP008). The games latest incarnation 'Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition' sees a whole lot more Shadow artists get in on the act with 27 tracks being used across all formats of the game.

Singles ...

Shadow 177 cover image

E-Z Rollers - Believe / Rolled Into One (Remixes) (Shadow 177)

The golden boys from Brazil tend their glittery hands to this old school opus and the results are nothing short of seminal. More of an update than a remix the samba crew pay the ultimate homage to the original by subtly tweaking its elements just enough to re-energise the vibe and twist this mid nineties classic into a 21st century summer roller. The rollers decide to take on remix duties themselves for the flipside where they turn out a rather splendid bass heavy rhythm that pounds out in their own inimitable style. The summery vibe of the original remains, as does the immediately recognizable vocal snippets although the rollers polish up the breaks and twist out stabbing, distorted sub baselines that pound you in the chest with intent. A true homage to a true classic – we wouldn't have had it any other way...

Shadow 178 cover image

Jade & Matt-U - Salem / Nightmare (Shadow 178)

Next up is hotly tipped Hungarian production duo 'Jade & Matt-U'. Having previously released on labels such as Black Sun Empire / Focuz / Habit Recordings & Timewave Audio the boys from Budapest deliver 2 awesome tracks full of hard edged beats continuing in the Calyx / Noisia vein. 'Salem' & 'Nightmare' see the relative newcomers pool their heavyweight production techniques and fuel the fire that suggests Budapest is definitely one of the heart beats of drum and bass in central Europe.

Shadow 179 cover image

Blame - Artificial Environment / Wavelength (Shadow 179)

Blame returns to the label that gave him his first release and he brings his new style with him. Any of you who haven't tuned into the new Blame sound that's developed over the last year or so and are expecting the trademark blissfulness of his previous shadow outing's will be pleasantly surprised as he delivers 2 absolute belters for his welcome back party. Tougher beats and growling basslines show the newly emerged darker side of the scene pioneer's repertoire. The structure and melodies have the Blame of old written all over them, though the old school master, it seems, is getting angry in his old age.


Gein - Street Sweeper EP (MSXEP40)

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI and named after the Plainfield, Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein (whose crimes formed the basis for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the drum & bass trio known as GEIN touch down for their debut on Moving Shadow with a heavy double-pack of dark and twisted floorkillers. Supported by the likes of Dylan, Technical Itch, AK-1200, and Evol Intent, expect even more tech-driven darkness in the coming year as this crew are definitely destined for big things. 'Street Sweeper' draws on their inspiration from the horror and sci-fi flicks that seem to haunt all of their productions, the Gein crew piece together a gritty, rugged number that is sure to steal the show wherever it's dropped. With an inspiring sense of call and response leading the way, look out as the machines come alive at the drop and things slowly come undone. An eerie intro sets the pace for 'Morning Star' before the drums kick in and the bottom end starts churning like a trapped beast. With a swirling atmosphere and steadily evolving vision, this technoid thriller is sure to have all the darkside crew sticking and kicking their way onto the dancefloor. 'Onslaught' is a sinister, spiraling number that is pure horror-styled illness. With bass bombs leading the way, the hypnotizing drum-work at the core suddenly turns dirty and this subtle roller finds itself in dark territory indeed. With a reece-worm twisting and turning at the heart of the beast, beware the poisonous bite of this one as it emerges from the shadows. 'Solace' ends the EP with a haunting intro that's sure to raise the hairs on even the hardest headz in the crowd. The crunchy percussion, heavy bass, and distorted stabs are sure to bring on the flashbacks to the old-school stylings of Ed Rush & Optical. It's new-school sci-fi funk at its finest as the stuttering drums and creeped-out vision bring on a purple haze for the new millennium.

Sunchase - Sands Of Time EP (MSXEP41)

'Sands Of Time' starts with echoing hi-hats as beautiful filmic vocals cry into the distance and set the scene for this dancefloor opus. Just as you drift off into the intros seismic waves you're forced to seek cover as the breakbeats drop like a slab of concrete. Shuffling edits and huge analogue waves battle for supremacy as the heavy rhythms play havoc with your senses. Think 'gladiator' meets 'aliens vs predator'… The creepy intro of 'Isida' takes you on a journey through eastern percussion and crouching tiger style string arrangements. Beautiful vocals resonate amongst the dark rolling drums and huge bass lines. A perfect blend of heavy rhythms and uplifting melodies ensure this is guaranteed to smash dance floors worldwide. 'As We Look' gives us another vocal workout, but this time the sultry female tones emphasize the driving breaks and fluctuating bass lines that motor forward at heavy pace. Layered breaks gain more momentum as the tracks solid rhythm's interlock at every turn. This is a straight up slice of tech-funk that is definitely gonna see some heavy rotation in the coming months. The EP is rounded off with a fantastic piece of techno funk. The structure of 'Next Rhythm' is entirely synthetic, yet it breathes soul and oozes funk. A neurotic 'speak and spell' chants the track title as complex, robotic rhythms snap together building a wall of breaks and bass. An absolutely infectious head nodder that will definitely have them flocking to the booth to find out what it is.

More news very soon,

The Moving Shadow Team

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