A lot of people have fallen victim to Dom’s devestating dub plate previews for a while now, but finally the covers are off and it’s time to let the world know the details on the new album, Chronology.

Check out the info page here for full track listings and the chance to download an exclusive full length web preview of one of the tracks!

Before you go check that out though, let's just fill you in on some of the headlines. In line with Dom & Roland tradition, Chronology features a couple of absolutely tearing collaborations, Rhino with fellow breakbeat terrorist Skynet and Ethinicity with the now legendary Kemal. Also included is a devastating rework of Moulin Rouge by America’s finest DieselBoy, Karl K and Kaos which is nothing short of breathtaking, and something special from DJ Hive who has selected two tracks from Dom’s seminal back catalogue, Parasite and Adrenalin, twisted them together and forced them screaming into the firing on all cylinders dance floor opus that is Paradrenasite (do you see what he did there?).

chronology cover image
There’s also, of course, a whole new batch of Dom’s most inspired work to date so make sure you don't miss out - get your order in now!

dom & roland   As you've seen on the site before we've once again teamed up with clothing brand Diesel to judge their Underground Music Awards ‘Urban’ category. After a few weeks of trawling through over a hundred tracks we have finally decided who the honours should go to. More information is available at diesel-u-music.com.

This years awards are taking place on the 7th of July at Fabric, 77a Chaterhouse Street, London EC1. We’ll all be there of course, drinking the place dry so if you're in the area try and join us! Dom and Calyx will be spinning a set too. Check Fabric and Diesel web sites for entry and ticket info (not us).

... SINGLES ...

Technical Itch vs Kemal - The Calling VIP (Shadow 160R)

If you haven’t heard this cut played at any drum and bass nights recently then you probably haven’t got ears, or don’t go out very much. Finally arriving after some heavy pressure on the Shadow office, we’ve finally succumbed and have release the awesome VIP mix of Tech Itch & Kemal’s mind bending ‘The Calling’ on a rare single sided 12". This mix has been a mainstay in Andy C’s sets for the past year and is the one he runs the foul play remix of Omni’s ‘Renegade Snares’ over. (See Andy’s ‘Night:life’ mix CD released last year) Not much more really needs said really other than GO AND BUY IT


Calyx - Killa / Ascension (Shadow 169)

Following the success of the limited EP release (MSXEP27) we just had to get this out as a single. Killa has been causing utter mayhem with its haunting sound-scape of guitar feedback and twisted strings, building hip hop vocal hook, and explosive drops. Calyx on the war path! Ascension is on the flip of course so make sure to check this out if you missed the EP.


Dom & Roland - Dance All Night / Just so you know (Shadow 170)

The all conquering Dom & Roland returns with a few tasters from his long awaited new album ‘Chronology’. First up is ‘Dance All Night’, a track that has been doing the rounds for while now, absolutely smashing dancefloors apart worldwide with it’s heavily infectious siren melodies and unbelievable crushing bass. Flipped with this is ‘Just So You Know’, a brand new track taken from the album which features the man himself on vocals over claustrophobic rave stabs, immense pounding bass, and clattering breaks.


Dom & Roland - Dance All Night (Calyx remix) / Freak Seen (Shadow 170R)

For the second 12” we drafted in devastating man of the moment ‘Calyx’ on remix duties to turn ‘Dance All Night’ into a dark brooding vibe that subtly twists the contagious elements of the original while taking over your senses as the sub frequencies play havoc with your mind and feet. This is stunning stuff from one of the scenes unsung hero’s. ‘Freak Seen’ on the flip side sees Dom take a slightly more accessible direction whilst still utilising all his heavy production skills. This a mature composition that just oozes class... wait until you hear the rest of the album...


Aquasky - Hi-Life (Shadow 171)

Aquasky return from their lengthy breaks duty for our sister label Shadow Cryptic that culminated in the awesome ‘Stayfresh’ LP to deliver their first DnB single on Shadow since 2001’s 'I can’t Wait (No More) / Spectre' (Shadow 148) and what a blinder it is – full on summer breaks are the order of the day here. Beautifully crafted percussion and shuffling breakbeats open out into the sultry, uplifting vocals of Aqua cohort Sista, who’s wistful melodious tones drift across Aquasky’s shimmering production. Submersive, Disco-esque loops cascade together with the warm sun drenched bassline that guarantee this track, and the rather tasty instrumental mix on the flipside, will lift the vibe wherever you are.


... LIMITED E.P's ...

Corrupt Souls (aka Impulse & Telemetrik)- Wicked Life EP (MSXEP29)

Corrupt Souls aka Josh ‘Impulse’ and Marcio ‘Telemetrik’ are two of Drum and Bass’ main players from the US. Both hailing from the suburbs of Washington DC they have collectively released tracks across a number of varied labels including Renegade Hardware, DJ Trace’s DSCI4, Teebee’s Subtitles, No U turn and Skynet’s Invision. They continue to burst into the limelight of the international scene with this upcoming EP which looks set to place the Corrupt Souls name firmly into the headz of drum & bass fans worldwide. 'Wicked Life' has dreamy atmospherics drifting in and out as a rough, rhythmic break hits you from all directions. A sinister quote precludes the dangerous drop and then it’s onwards. This tune takes the sound back to the late 90s as bongo rolls and pressure-building synth stabs ascend and descend. 'Seppuku' (Translated; Seppuku means ritual suicide by disembowelment btw!) features tight drum work, suspense-filled breakdowns, and over the top twisted midrange. Did we mention big bass? Watch the second breakdown where the atmosphere becomes even more schizophrenic, and stick around for the outro where the melodic influences become prevalent. The second twelve of the pack contains 'Autoerotica' - A thick and running break with a thudding repetitive groove that's impossible not to move to. The bassline in this track drives you away from the speakers before rapidly reeling you back in. Inventive synths squeeze in and out of the funk and make sure the pace and progression doesn't let up. Flip the vinyl and you have 'The Singularity' dropping into solid industrial percussion after opening with dark vocals and a steady ride. It doesn't take long though for this beast to show its fangs. A rough-edged bassline sets the groove by swelling and dropping rapidly, while jagged synth stabs cut through the mix in orderly chaos.

Muffler - Cold World EP (MSXEP30)

Konsta Tuomas Mikkonen aka ‘Muffler’ is Finland’s new breakbeat prodigy who has already notched up releases on many of the Drum and Bass scenes most respected labels including: Formation, Hospital, Urban Takeover, Heavy Rotation, Spektrum Audio, M*A*S*H, Alpha Magic and Invader. As you can probably tell by the array of different labels he has written for, Muffler’s tracks are difficult to pigeonhole. So when he approached Moving Shadow with an array of fresh beats we immediately wanted to release an ep of varied flavours to showcase his talents. Hence the ‘Cold World EP’ a double pack of sublimely produced dancefloor bombshells that is bound to have something for everyone’s tastes. From the chugging, pulsating, robotic beats of the dark and rolling title track “Cold World’, the swerved up liquid funk of Fabio backed ‘Bad Jam’, through to the lush vocals and soaring synths of sublime hypnotic opus that is ‘Falling’, and finally something for the jump up crew with the distorted, twisted funk step of 'Moving’. This EP display’s Konsta’s production skills at their finest and features four superb tracks that span the spectrum of drum and bass.

Culture Shock - The Vega EP (MSXEP31)

Brought to the stable by none other than Mr Dom & Roland himself comes new up and coming wizkid James Pountney AKA Culture Shock. As we keep up our endless mission to bring the freshest new talent to the scene let’s just mention that James must have been Dom’s Jedi (or should that be sith?) student. His debut release the ‘Vega EP’ comes correct with four huge tracks that would lead you to believe that he’d been releasing tracks since ‘back in the day’. One of the tracks - ‘Flightpath’ was snapped up even before it had been signed (and consequently credited to his original guise ‘Dub Faction’) by none other than Damien ‘Dieselboy’ Higgins for the latest instalment of his bestselling U.S. mix series. As for track highlights on this EP it's hard to pick one over the other - The stuttering bass behemoth that is ‘Vega’? Or the jacking beats; shivering basslines and splashes of Rhodes in ‘White Knight’. Maybe the deep, brooding space epic ‘Alarms’ or the throbbing subs and slicing amens that form the backbone of the Dieselboy endorsed ‘Flightpath’. One thing’s for sure - Culture Shock's got the force and he doesn’t care what side he’s on.

Kaiser / Rawthang - Nu World Order EP (MSXEP32)

Even more heavyweight EP action forthcoming on Shadow as we continue our quest to bring you the freshest sounds from the worlds freshest up and coming producers. Here we have two of the very finest untapped production outfits out there at the moment in the form of Puerto Rican DJ/producer Kaiser and Oslo’s Rawthang duo. The first 12 on this double pack comes from Kaiser who has been part of the global underground scene for sometime now and has only just started to receive the attention he deserves. Having already clocked up a couple of releases on Friction’s Transparent recordings and with forthcoming releases on Trouble on Vinyl / Renegade Hardware and Technical Itch / Freak recordings - it’s no surprise that Kaiser has gathering high profile fans. Optical, Tech Itch, Trace, Dom & Roland, Pendulum, Cause4Concern, Dylan, Concord Dawn, Kemal & Black Sun Empire among others have been turned on to Kaiser’s rolling technoid DnB and subsequently have been giving his tracks some heavy rotation. The same goes for these two new slices of breakbeat warfare that we snapped up from this burgeoning talent – 'Nazgul' with it’s high riding cymbals, morphing synths, airtight percussion and crunching bass; and the cinematic ‘The Ark’, that shifts and phases through an intricate sonic landscape as the heavy breaks roll through. Trace, Kemal Cause4Concern & Pendulum are currently all digging these out of their crates. On twelve inch number two of this EP is the Norwegian duo Rawthang who are similarly being heralded by some of the scene’s heavyweights garnering worldwide acclaim since their remix of Shy FX & L Double’s ‘The Sh*t’ on Flex Records back in ‘99. Rawthang signed two singles to the widely respected Black Sun Empire collective that gained them support from the likes of Bad Company, Dylan, Dieselboy, Teebee, Ed Rush, Skynet and Trace. The guys drop here with two heavy tunes; the techy roller ‘Genome’ that gathers momentum as it’s basslines rumble and edgy breaks shuffle ahead; and the blistering amen onslaught ‘Darkness’ - both surefire adrenalin shots for dancefloors the world over. ....This is the nu breed.

Have a happy summer,

The Moving Shadow Team

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