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Man of the moment Calyx finally allows us to tell you about his debut album. It's been causing rather a lot of internet traffic to flow around the various bulletin boards and D&B forums of late, but at long last the wait is over as the details of No Turning Back are released.

Check out the info page here for full track listings and technical data, however news highlights include collaborations with Teebee, Gridlok, ill.skillz, and remix pressure from Dom & Roland as well as Hive & Gridlok (remixing together for the very first time!).

Demand is high for this album so make sure your order is placed immediately. You know you'll be kicking yourself and waiting around for the repress if you don't!

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05.1 steps up as the 11th edition in Moving Shadow’s hugely popular series of budget-priced CD samplers and for this edition the E-Z Rollers have put together a 20 track mix that highlights their more recent Moving Shadow releases.

05.1 captures the E-Z Rollers superb live presence in a studio mix of their last album ‘Titles of the Unexpected’, showcasing thrilling, uplifting compositions alongside previously unreleased mixes and sought after remixes that twist and turn on a journey of live bass, funky breakbeats and blistering vocals.

Also included, as a bonus track, is the winner of the 2004/2005 Diesel U-Music Awards by Obedientbone who's track ‘Can I just Say…’ is an amazing blend of live drum and bass and sultry vocals that showcasess the bands unique take on live drum & bass. Check it all out on 05.1

... SINGLES ...

E-Z ROLLERS - Dust (RMX) / Rhyme & Punishment (Distorted Minds RMX) (Shadow 172)

The Rollers return to the fold with a stunning new remix of their classic cut ‘Dust’ having spent a few months nurturing their own Intercom imprint. This dancefloor aimed remix of ‘Dust’ features rising beats and sirens amidst trademark stuttering filtered vocal loops as the bassline bounces around the familiar percussion. Distorted Minds twist their ‘no holds barred’ techno funk sound into this hip hop opus from the Rollers’ critically acclaimed third album ‘Titles of the Unexpected’ and the Minds Cru don’t disappoint; morphing the original underground hip hop vibe, featuring Hip Hop pioneer Doug E Fresh, with their distinct pounding rhythms. This is definitely one for the jump up crew and purists alike.


Calyx (featuring Teebee) - Cyclone / Follow The Leader (Shadow 173)

The first single release from Calyx’s debut album features two collaborations with Norwegian prodigy and Photek cohort; Teebee. The aptly titled ‘Cyclone’ has been ripping across dancefloors worldwide destroying anything in it’s path. Lush rising pads and glittering breakbeats lull you into a false sense of security as a distant, emerging basslines signal the storm warning. ‘Cyclone’ has been hampioned by Andy C et al for it’s superb bass heavy rhythm and straight up dancefloor vibe. ‘Follow The Leader’ features the slightly more cinematic production for which both of these producers have been well known. Old school Hip Hop samples and pulsating grimey basslines make sure that dancefloor chaos ensues, as infectious melodies and echoing soundscapes drift by amidst the barrage of beats. Stunning stuff...


Resonant Evil vs Inasin - Le Grande / The Bad Colour (Shadow 174)

‘Le Grande’ intro’s with stuttering pulsing sci-fi atmospherics and slowly surfacing aqua breaks before alien sirens and sub bass take over. Roof raising drum licks herald the apocalypse as the huge floor shaking vibe ensures this track seeing heavy rotation over the coming months. On the flipside the evil ones show off their talent for diversity with ‘The Bad Colour’. Punching synths and heavy breakbeat interplay herald the warning bells that signal what’s to come. Eerie sonics and interlocking bass mayhem whip the vibe into a heads down stompathon that is currently rocking out worldwide. Heed this advice though and NEVER ENTER THE WOODS...


Controlled Substance - Sadistic / Dangerous (Shadow 175)

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, industry veteran Controlled Substance drops his first single on the legendary Moving Shadow imprint with sinister results. ‘Sadistic’ provides relentlessly tearing stabs with just the right amount of funk and has been receiving play from artists such as Hive, Silver, and Gridlok. ‘Dangerous’ is a stepping funk work out, and feels like the perfect way to round out this dark and accessible release.


Calyx - Tearing Us Apart / Are You Ready? (Shadow 176)

The second single from No Turning Back brings two heavyweight slices of dancefloor orientated beats. The first is Tearing Us Apart - words cannot describe what happens to the dancefloor when this track is dropped. The heavily effected swirling cries surround the head nodding beats as the gnarling funk induced bass parts battle for supremacy – absolutely huge. Pleading posts from desperate punters on the various online DnB foruns means Are You Ready? finally sees the light of day, but having been touted by none other than Grooverider for his legendary Prototype label, Calyx finally decided to include it on his own album. An infectious slice of futuristic DnB that destroys any soundsystem it comes across, the title sample opens proceedings amid an ocean of swirling effects and slowly interconnecting melodies and rhythms until that wall of bass hits you and the beats fly in. Well, are you ready for the album?


... LIMITED E.P's ...

Kontrol - Into Oblivion EP (MSXEP34)

Having had releases on Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, 31 Recordings and Tech Itch and having honed his production skills by collaborating with the likes of Futurecut & Calyx, Toby Kontrol weighs in with a double pack of original heaviness to seal his long connections with Moving Shadow. This guy lives and breathes drum and bass and has been heavily involved in the scene since the early 90’s. This decade or so of influences comes out in this EP most notably in the title track ‘Into Oblivion’; An ode to the old school which transports you back to the bluenote days with it’s pulsating pads and shifting breakbeats, as the almighty robotic basslines thunder in; injecting a heavy underground groove. This brooding vibe continues throughout the rest of this thunderous EP. With the Kung Fu samples and liquid metal basslines of ‘Eagles Shadow’ and the huge chord shifting synth lines and crisp breaks of ‘Slipstream’ to the atmospheric Sci-Fi beats of grand finale ‘Borrowed Time’ with it’s rising acid lines and extra terrestrial distress signals. With a new release ready to go on Hardware it looks like Kontrol’s time is finally coming, those in the know will surely agree.

Corrupt Souls - No Room In Hell EP (MSXEP35)

Corrupt Souls turn in another Heavyweight EP for the Shadow Camp following the huge response to their last MS outing – the ‘Wicked Life’ EP. Josh ‘Impulse’ Clarke and his production partner in crime Marcio Alvarado hail from Virginia USA and between them them have notched up some outstanding releases for labels such as Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, DSCI4, No U turn, Cryptic Audio, Nvision, Commercial Suicide & Ohm Resistance. Impressive no? They continue to fly the stars and stripes for stateside DnB here with four slabs of pure techno funk. Check out their own story board / script / description for each track of the EP below. Deep huh?

Trioxin 245: (Enter) vast sound-scapes of unparalleled emptiness. Drums activate, Trioxin is released, and the change begins. (Stand steady) Deep breath's as you take it in. The breakdown commences and there is no turning back. Sharp crooked stabs reverberate over top of the desolating atmospherics and sub. This is the fate, this is the solution, this is Trioxin.
Broadcast: (This just in)… The administration is in the midst of focusing all projected costs on military intelligence (change). Showing no mercy Corrupt Souls combine technical production and deep melody all while keeping the dance floor in mind (change). What was once thought to be housing for political is actually a day care center, more details on this bombing to follow (change) Rolling drums, haunting arpeggio's, esoteric midrange, and apocalyptic atmospherics all make the case (change).
Drop zone: (This is a simulation) At all times be aware that the outcome is predetermined. Spacious synth repaginations and rolling bass swells fuel the ride. Fast drums and machine chants concentrate inertia to the point of paralysis. Once the low end and distorted bass line come into play it’s easily understood: This is a simulation, you have nothing to fear.
No Room In Hell: Darkness falls over the persistent blowing of the horn. The slow, sweeping strings build tension as the synth melodies intensify. The army rages forward as the drums begin. The drop breaks into chaos with hard beats, intricate synth work, moody strings, and a bass line thick enough to shake the earth beneath the bodies. No one is victorious.

Noisia - Block Control EP (MSXEP36)

For the last year solid, Noisia have absolutely bullied their way into the global drum and bass scene. With their consistency of high quality tracks and the niche for making a style completely their own, this crew from the Netherlands has proven themselves as red hot, time and time again.  Now with their debut EP on the mighty shadow, they have shown the world that they are also a legacy in the making. ‘Block Control’ is dancefloor at its finest. This one has graced the bags of nearly every top DJ the last several months. Intros with nice roller break perfect for a long mix, nice floaty pads swirl around the subtle filtered bass squelches, and when the sample says, its going down, that’s just what it does, and hard. Hands down one of the most intense and effective tunes you could play in a set right now. Right from the start, ‘Cold Veins’ grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, Noisia delivers again with a break that could cut glass, accompanied by their trademark mid-bass that simply oozes warmth throughout the track. Nice contrasts between dark and light while managing to share moments of minimalism with undeniable depth. The other main gem to this EP, ‘Believe’ starts out with an eerie set of pads and half time beats lasting just long enough to aid in a mix. Very epic strings on this one, think superman meets the andromeda strain. When the drop comes you are on your way, filled with bubbling basses and fierce beats. This is future funk at its best. ‘Exorcism’ is a moody bastard though, Noisia style. Crisp punchy beats guide you through a layer of dramatic pads and washes until the bass drops, letting you know its time to move. This one is straight and to the point, giving you everything it has all the way throughout the track. A more than fitting way to close out an EP, especially one as complete as this.

Future Prophecies - Concrete Combat EP (MSXEP37)

Future Prophecies return to Moving Shadow after causing a stir in the scene last year with their last track ‘Dreadlock’. These guys are one of the busiest outfits in the scene since their first release back in 1997. Since then they’ve notched up releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Breakbeat KAOS, Certificate 18, Kickin, Subtitles, Breakbeat Science, Disturbed & Outbreak to name but a few. The Concrete Combat EP is Future Prophecies second release on Shadow, their first being last years ‘Overdrive EP’ which update mag called ‘Quality hard edged Drum & Bass - four boundary-pushing cuts’. With this latest EP the Norwegian duo have definitely come up with much of the same as they conjure up four edgy tracks that transcend the genre. From the grimey bass, echoing war cries and solid beats of title track ‘Concrete Combat’, the buzzing, stuttering chainsaw basslines of equally dancefloor friendly ‘417’ -  the rising strings and flutes of operatic workout that is ‘The Dawn’ to the euphoric harmonies and driving stabs of ‘Final Fantasy’, this package is sure to have something for everyone.

Counterstrike - Wardance EP (MSXEP38)

Counterstrike has played an instrumental role in putting South Africa on the world drum 'n bass map. Justin Scholtemeyer AKA Animal Chin and Eaton Crous AKA 500 Mills, have been active drum 'n bass DJ's on the club/rave circuit since the mid Nineties playing all over South Africa and recently England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Counterstrike has been producing drum 'n bass as a collective since 1998. After Dieselboy toured South Africa in early 2000 he was so impressed by their production skills that he offered to help with the promotion of their demo. Pressure/Questions on Canadian label Allied Recordings was their first 12" vinyl single to see the light. It got excellent reviews and sold out instantly. This lead to a string of successful vinyl 12"s (17 to date) for various international labels and a mix CD, Biogenesis on their own Algorythm Recordings. Their tunes are played out by all the big names in international drum 'n bass such as Andy C, Dieselboy, Pendulum, Dylan, Dom & Roland, Paul B, Kryptic Minds, B-Key, Evol Intent, Future Prophecies, The Mixologists, AK1200, the list goes on...   Watch out for the first 12" release on their own Algorythm Recordings distributed worldwide by Nu-Urban.
‘Merciless’ starts with dreamy techno influenced pads then opens up into a high energy metal / industrial / drum 'n bass fusion with double bass drum edits and angry vocals and trademark Counterstrike pitch bend reese...  Loosely based on b-grade horror movies, ‘Phantasm’ has all the right elements that hint at an anthem. It opens with eerie analogue strings only to unleash into a full on drum 'n bass / metal assault. ‘Zaire’ hints at the classic '96 techstep era with a unique ethnic influence. Rough, rolling bass over crisp Paris breaks are completed with a steel panpipe... watch out for the dangerous switch on the second drop. More ethnic influences... this time with the turn of the mighty ‘Zulu Warrior’ building from the depths of the Zulu's ancestral spirit and explods into a fierce mash-up of distorted bass lines, tribal drums and real sampled Zulu wardance chanting.

Deep Roots - The Vice Grip EP (MSXEP39)

Deep Roots returns again after his 12” featuring ‘Critical’ and ‘Caliente’ kicked up a storm on the Fiasco E.P. ‘Vice Grip’ is a driven track with a techno arpeggio intro setting the pace for the EP. This track has an intense drop and as the vocal suggests "its like my brain being held in the grip of a giant vice".  With it’s subtly entwined tribal influences, African chants and bass that thunders towards you like a swarm; the aptly named ‘Africanized Bee’ delivers everything it promises and more. ‘Mechanical Mayhem’ is a lo swung roller from Roots. A little different, with dub style hits and electro vocals, its subtle vibe proves very effective. An old skool vibe with a new skool twist is very apparent in ‘Retrospect’, as this track borrows vocals and beats from then and bass skills from now. On plate for a while, this one has proven its damage capability.

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Look out for plenty of Moving Shadow tunes gracing the latest version on Rockstar Games' Midnight Club 3 : DUB Edition! More details on all that in the next edition of the news :-)

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