Release date: 30.1.98

Format: CD, LP, MC

This was the very first album to be released on Moving Shadow, coming out in January 95, just as drum & bass was being recognized by the music industry as a force to be reckoned with. For many people The Deepest Cut was the first true drum & bass album and more or less set the standard for all subsequent albums of this genre.

The Deepest Cut was repackaged and re-released (CD format only) in 1998 - with some extra cuts for collectors and striking new artwork to bring the 'look' of the album bang up to date. 'Torn', a track previously unavailable on CD, is added to the tracklisting, alongside three previously hard to find 'vinyl only' remixes of 'Feel Good', 'Together', and 'Soul Promenade / Soul of Darkness'. The Deepest Cut is one of those records that defined a moment for the breakbeat generation.
Continuing high demand for this piece of vinyl underlines the fact that it remains an essential purchase for every serious drum & bass collector.


Bethan Cole, Mixmag, January 95, LP of the month
"Imagine a music capable of evoking the intensity of urban experience. A music which expressed the neurotic rush of contemporary life with charged, animated percussive moods. And a music of melodic purity, powerful enough to recover feelings trampled and ground down by the stresses of everyday life. Quite simply, future music, the sound of Omni Trio.... a landmark album for drum 'n' bass, immaculate in production and daunting in its exploration of musical possibility."

iD, January 95
"The greatest hits of this exhilarating avant-junglist outfit...truly breathtaking"

Guardian, Oct 95.
"An utterly essential release for newcomers and acolytes alike"

Mixmag Update 17th November 94
"A modern classic representing one of the facets of the highly intelligent and musical drum 'n' bass scene, fabulous, blissful... a landmark and totally essential LP"