Format: LP, CD, MC

Release date 1.7.96

Dimensions of Sound is an album of ethnic flavours, jazzy overtones (given the edge by live jazz musicians on brass, bass and Bongo's) and the delightful vocals of Kelly Richards. It was a chance meeting that originally led Kelly to join the E-Z Rollers, and yet she1s now an integral part of the outfit and features on five tracks on this album. The only samples are breakbeats everything else is either live or created from synthesisers and sound modules. And the E-Z Rollers hope to have created an album with a listening vibe but which also holds the energy that defines Drum 'n' Bass within a club atmosphere.

E-Z Rollers : Background
Based close to the East Coast town of Great Yarmouth, Alex Banks and Jay Hurren, both 27 years old, became friends at school and founded E-Z Rollers around the middle of 1994. An extension of other on-going projects, it was not the first time they had been brought together by music. Their initial collaboration stretches back a full decade to early clubbing days.
Alex started to make music in 1987 when he got his hands on a set of decks, scratching up Hip-Hop and mixing early House with Rare Grooves. Meanwhile Jay was also busy learning the art and the two of them were soon hooked into the DJ circuit, spinning Chicago House, Hip-Hop, Rare Grooves and Soul all round the east of England - playing various events.
Simultaneously Alex was developing his engineering skills on a 4-track mixer, keyboard and Omega computer. By 1991 he had linked up with another local aspiring musician; Danny "Flytronix" Demierre, to form Hyper-on Experience. Picked up by Moving Shadow they released tracks such as "H.E. Anthem" ,"Assention" and "Lords of the Null-Lines". Jay, then known as JMJ, was now a regular DJ at big raves and clubs such as Energy and Eclipse. He later went onto form "JMJ & Richie" with Andrew Riches, and there was a taster of this association in 1990 when, as the Plastic Clothes Mechanics (or Pulse Code Modulation) along with and Alex, as DJ Alex Zero, they pressed up 1000 copies of "Cool Down The Bass / Come On Yeah", distributed it themselves, and just about broke even. The single most important impetus behind the formation of E-Z Rollers is probably the development of the Drum 'n' Bass scene as a whole. Like Jay says, "We've always been intrigued by innovation and, we're always experimenting with different musical influences and sounds".