Release date: 31.8.98

Format: Compilation CD or 4 piece vinyl LP

Vinyl: Eight of the ten album tracks are pressed onto four pieces of vinyl for superior audio quality. A 2500 limited edition sampler featuring one of the remaining tracks ['Don't Fret' by DIABLO] b/w 'Movin' Target' by E-Z ROLLERS will be released just prior to the album. The usual Music Week Dance Chart #1 is comfortably expected. The remaining track ['Short Wave Café' by Inter Orbit Communications] will be exclusive to the CD only.
CD: The CD format is issued with an exclusive bonus disc, featuring a full length mix of the album tracks, put together by the inimitable EZ Rollers.
Take your pick; full length tracks or an expert mix, either way it's perfect for impromptu parties or for chillin'......

As drum & bass music has evolved over the last decade, it's spun into a thousand strands of varying tempo, style, sound and texture. This compilation, the first in a new series from Moving Shadow highlighting specific approaches to drum & bass, focuses on the funk and jazz influence in current d&b production.
Compiled by Alex Banks & Jay Hurren of the EZ Rollers, 'Drumfunk Hooliganz' features ten tracks from an assortment of budding and established artists. Using their expert knowledge of the contemporary scene, the EZ Rollers have put together a superb selection of the funkier jazzy beats emerging from the UK. "1998 has been a very funky year for drum & bass so far, and the tracks we've chosen to put on the album reflect this. We wanted to represent various styles and sounds from the harder funk to the jazzier side of the equation and hopefully this will be apparent when you hear the album. Drum & bass has strong links with jazz in the way that the freeform nature of both genres is unhindered by rules and in the freeness to experiment, this is also something we want to bring out in the album", (Jay Hurren).
Tracks from established artists like the EZ Rollers, PFM, Tekniq and JMJ & Richie set the standard for this album, and combined with quality material from emerging artists like Mercer, the Successful Criminals, Diablo and Inter Orbit Communication, the album delivers a collection of first class funky breakbeats for those who like some jazz inspiration with their drum & bass.