Format: LP. CD. MC

Release date: 5th August 96

A quick check of label copy will reveal that Omni Trio is not three, but one man:
Rob Haigh. The name is designed to mislead the curious and conceal the identity of the individual who, until now, was the scene's most reclusive musical maestro. Intriguing fans and media alike, he has chosen to remain in a shroud of mystery over the last six years, not even emerging to promote his first album, "Volume 1, The Deepest Cut". This nevertheless went on to become one of the year's essential records, listed in all the "Top Albums of '95" charts, and led to the Hertford Hermit being the remixer chart acts request by name.

Omni Trio: Background

Omni appears to have achieved something like iconic status as far as the press goes - when Mixmag Magazine compiled its "Ten Leading Lights" of Jungle in January 1995, Omni Trio came home at No.4. Here is a quick rewind of past triumphs -

'Mystic Stepper Feel Better' Foul Play Remix (Shadow32R)
"Wake up indie-kids, the future's arrived and you're still stuck on guitars"
(Melody Maker 28.8.94)

'Renegade Snares' VIP mix
"Wicked remix from a classic anthem...spine chillin' piano...inspiring vocals...Massive." (Record Mirror 12.11.94)

'Thru The Vibe' (2-on-1, #2)
"Through their enduring classics of last year, "Mystic Stepper (Feel Better)" and "Renegade Snares", Omni Trio have exerted a huge influence on the hardcore scene; they're one of the key units who trailblazed jungle's current absorption of all manner of soul, ambient, quiet storm and garage influences...Omni Trio unleash another tour de force of symphonic hardcore. With its crystalline harp-ripples, tingly piano motif, orchestral synths, exploding-soul gasps and Uzi-rattling breakbeats, "Thru the Vibe" is a rush and a gush of euphoria."
(SINGLE OF THE WEEK, Melody Maker 19.3.94)

'Rollin' Heights' Vol.4 (Shadow44)
"The production techniques and sounds contained on this EP are staggeringly good, exciting and innovative compared to so much of the fodder being released as dance music"
(Streetsound 8.94)

'Living For The Future' Vol. 5 (Shadow51)
"Who are/is Omni Trio? Fifth volume in the series of timeless classics and the Moving Shadow train of winners just keeps going on and on....blissful....a gem that has been caned by all the top boys for months. Frantically cut-up amen heaven....dazzling. Omni Trio has/have got something for your soul."
(Duncan, Echoes 8. 10. 94)

"New school classical meets breakbeat futurism in the ever-anonymous Rob Haigh's drum 'n' bass utopia. Omni Trio's fifth volume fulfils all the expectations created by the astonishing 'Mystic Stepper', 'Renegade Snares' and 'Rollin' Heights' .... If you buy one 'jungle' track this year, buy this one. You'll fall very deeply in love."

'Nu Birth of Cool' (Shadow67)
"The next w..ker who says 'all jungle sounds the same' needs to have his/her ears washed out with a dose of Omni Trio. 'Nu Birth of Cool' is one of the most musical and melodic tracks ever released by the UK's premier breakbeat label, Moving Shadow. Haigh has a stunning history of being able to blend the sweetest soulful melodies with really tuff and often frighteningly original drum patterns.....because of the traditional and familiar vibe that 'Nu Birth' demonstrates, it will help to open up the minds of cynics in the U.S."
(DB, MixMag Update, USA, 9.95)

'Who Are You?' (Shadow73)
"I Love Omni Trio tunes. I cannot recall them (or him, rather) ever doing a dodgy track, and this two tracker is no exception...a relaxed melodic arrangement that you could listen to at prime time, or after the club chilling to a simply enjoyable vibe, File among other timeless musical instrumentals and lap it up...I cannot stress how essential this is for any lover of music. Non drum 'n' bass heads should check it too; you won't be disappointed. Crucial."
(DJ Woodmix, Mixmag Update 11/12.95)

'The Deepest Cut'
"The Stevenage based drum 'n' bass indie label Moving Shadow released a glorious stream of singles throughout 1994, the most popular being Rob Haigh aka Omni Trio...a reclusive thritysomething computer genius who refuses to be photographed, now releases a brilliant debut album...An utterly, utterly essential release for new-comers and acolytes alike."
(The Guardian, 10.2.95)
"I don't normally review LPs but this is not only in DJ-friendly format, but a modern classic representing one of the facets of the intelligent and musical drum 'n bass scene...fabulous...blissful...A landmark and totally essential LP."
(DJ Woodmix, Mixmag Update 17.11.94)
"Imagine a music capable of evoking the intensity of urban experience. A music which expressed the neurotic rush of contemporary life with charged, animated percussive moods. And a music of melodic purity, powerful enough to recover feelings trampled and ground down by the stresses of everyday life. Quite simply, future music, the sound of Omni Trio....a landmark album for drum 'n' bass, immaculate in production and daunting in its exploration of musical possibility."
(LP OF THE MONTH, Bethan Cole, Mixmag 1.95)