Release date 21.9.98

Vinyl: 4 pieces of quality vinyl carry 10 full length album tracks. 'Time Frame' and 'Chained' will be released on 12" along with a Matrix remix of the same track, two weeks before the album comes out.

CD: 12 full length tracks are on the Cd, with 'Time' & 'Anaesthetic' as bonus tracks, not appearing on the vinyl pressing of the album.
* Additionally, to keep listeners on their toes, some extra snippets have been squeezed onto the CD. Hidden recordings appear between ID marker points - keeping the train spotters amused. (Especially those with index marker search buttons on their CD Players!)

A year in the making, and much anticipated by those in the know, Dom's first album has been a real labour of love. Drawing on his wide background of musical influences, Dom presents an album of varied textures and styles which incorporate all the hard and dark elements of his work to date, but which also manages to create a picture with more depth and maturity than ever before. This quality shines through in the assured ease with which Dom uses his programming skills alongside immaculate instrumentation, sympathetic use of vocals, and fresh ideas. Already heavily supported by the A-Team; Grooverider, Bailey, Doc Scott, Ed Rush, Zinc and Loxy, (amongst others), the album is certain to be a one of this years most exciting releases.

Dom's output on Moving shadow so far, has been confined to a series of excellent 12" releases, working both as a solo artist and in partnership with a 'who's who' of contemporary, cutting edge producers. Firstly there was Doms work as Current Affairs in 96 with Brian Fenner, (SH75 Cutting Edge / Turbulence) then his solo work as Dom & Roland (SH89 You're Something Else / Interstella Jazz, SH97 The Storm / Sonic Shock), while the acclaimed collaboration with Rob Playford and long term partner Goldie, to celebrate the 100th release on Moving Shadow, occurred in the early part of 97, (SH100 Distorted Dreams/The Shadow). Since then Dom has been working with studio stars; Optical, (SH111 Quadrant 6 / Concrete Shoes) and Matrix (SH117 The Vandal / Footsteps), with his most recent work as Neotech (SH108 Valves / Terminal) going out in late 97 and the remix of the E-Z Rollers Synesthesia, (SH120R) released on the flip of 'Tough At The Top' in April 98.

In addition to working on his own material, Dom is much in demand as a producer, working most recently with artists like Ed Rush for his 'Ed Rush' ep on Prototype and the 'Subway' track for Metalheadz, as well as DJ Trace for his excellent Sour/Emotif release 'Mutant Jazz Revisited' and the massive Prototype track 'Sonar'.