Format: Compilation 3LP, CD, MC

Release date: 29.1.96

The brainchild of DJ Pulse, "Revolutionary Generation" is definitely not just another compilation album. It consists of many previously unreleased, unforgettable, VIP and exclusive tracks by an unprecedented reunion of peers and mentors: Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Bounty Killaz, DJ Pulse, Digital, Tango and Fallout (the lady, killer, of the team). They are all based in the Home Counties and Midlands but there's nothing chintzy about this crew, and close associate Peshay, will be putting together a superb mixed version.

The idea behind the album was to form a collective of the more extreme innovators of the "Jungle" scene. Their agenda is to take the listener to the outer boundaries of the underground landscape and hopefully guide them back again. The title denotes a committed and fearless group who have grabbed the attention of the music industry with the strength of their work. Alex Reece has now signed exclusively to Island and Wax Doctor has deals with Talkin' Loud and R&S. It is a coup to have them contribute to this project and a mark of their high regard for and gratitude to Pulse who launched their careers by releasing their early tracks on his "Creative Wax" label.

Press on "Revolutionary Generation"

The Wire, Feb '96:
"With even the unhip schoolkids in my unfashionable street clothed in Moving Shadow merchandise, something is obviously afoot in terms of market penetration...Alex Reece's solo piece is great, as is just about everything else on the album... Overall, a smooth, streamlined collection of sounds... particularly worthy of attention.

Mixmag Update (DJ Woodmix) Jan 20-28,1996:
"Deserving more space than is given here, one of the scene's undoubted leaders release a compilation that breaks the mould with a concept LP....another must-have, especially when you see the artist listing...No one mix stands out, they are all blinding. Music to tread over the edge with and feel good about" 4.5 / 5

Muzik Magazine (Veena Verdi), March '96: "On paper, "Revolutionary Generation"...seems doomed. How can pioneering sounds come from a row of semi's? Yet DJ Pulse knew the reality was a bit different. He knew that there was a contingency dissecting breaks behind net curtains... Alex Reece, Waxdoctor, Digital and Tango are just a few...Against the odds, the commuter belt appears as fertile a patch for innovative music as anywhere. Welcome to the new sound of the suburbs." (3.5 / 5)