Format: Compilation 4LP, CD, MC

Release date: 6.5.96

The E-Z ROLLERS were pondering the idea of an album to showcase the wealth of talented local production teams. For within a short bus ride of each other could be found a group of friends who in various combinations and permutations constituted artists such as PFM, Hyper-On Experience, JMJ & Richie and Flytronix.

As luck would have it, far away in the Big Smoke, London Town, the Moving Shadow crew had decided it was time to inject some new interest into the saturated compilation market by theming the albums along regional lines.
This creates something of a "story line" as a change from the normal arbitrary hotch-potch of tracks, with nothing more in common than concurrent release dates. It had not escaped their notice that Junglists do tend to congregate and form "cells". Despite its reputation as a lonely studio bound process involving solitary young men who work by night and don't get enough fresh air, there is actually a great deal of inter-action and cross-pollination between the various creators. The social scene is legendary of course, but away from the smoky bars a lot of idea bouncing and collaboration goes on. There is also an assumption that this music is inner city, ghetto based, but more often than not the setting is green fields and wide-open spaces. Maybe because they are removed from it, they actually have a more vivid impression of the grit and grime and an incentive to make some noise to drown out the birdsong.
Whatever the reason, this approach had already spawned the highly successful "Revolutionary Generation" album, as compiled by DJ Pulse from his neighbours in the Home Counties and Midlands. An added benefit would appear to be that this helps identify Jungle by pinpointing locations and putting faces to names. Even the most
die-hard fan can only subsist so long on vague aliases.
So it was, after weeks of detailed discussions at the bar of the local pub, that our favourite yokels disappeared back into their studios / garden sheds to emerge some four months later, Masters in hand to deliver ten fresh tunes to Inter Orbit. The evident strength behind this album is the cohesion which comes from their mutual backgrounds and roots in the days of 1980's soul, funk and hip-hop. They were there together in the heady heights of 1989, through the hardcore vibes of '91 and '92, right up to the experimental, progressive scene today. This shared experience shines through as you journey on the Drum 'n' Bass Express, coming out of the horizon like a Storm From The East. Whip up some dust!!

Storm From The East:
Quotes from the Artists:

PFM, (Mike Bolton), "I liked the idea of getting all the boys in the area together on one album and wanted to be involved. 'Cruising Detroit' is a mellow, different tune, inspired by sounds on the Korg 01W. 'Language of Love' was inspired by the music scene at the time. Even while I'm not working, at the back of my mind, all the time, going through my mind, is music.

TEKNIQ (Johnny), "This album was an opportunity to spread my wings and do something different. Inspired by the bassline, I wanted to move away from the standard 808 Bass sound."

HYPER-ON EXPERIENCE (Alex), "The tune's about a head-nodding, funk vibe. It's about time this album was done...cos there's nuff talent in the area."

E-Z ROLLERS (Jay), " This is our first tune featuring Kelly, our vocalist. "Walk This Land" catches the essence of 70's soul. The album as a concept was interesting, the finished result is a worthy representation of the East Coast scene as a whole."

JMJ & RICHIE (Richie), "The album seems to me a coming together of local talent that has been around since the scene first started in '87. Now we're finally on an album together it shows the rest of the country that the East Coast is firmly established."

Press for "Storm From The East":

Mixmag Update (DJ Woodmix), 16-23 April '96:
"...another 'themed' LP based on geographic location rather than simply bunging together some big tunes on a compilation... And it works for it, providing added musical expression...bloody good too. This really is at the cutting edge of of progressive drum & bass and as such sets the standard we have come to expect and love from artists of this quality. Who would have thought in the cheesy days of '91 / '92 the breakbeat scene would mature into such a musically experimental fraternity? Long live experimentalism, and well done all on this LP, not to mention the Shadow'y one for putting it all together. Brilliant." 5 / 5

Wax (Julian Rolfe), May '96:
"... the second in the series of Jungle by Area compilations, put together by Moving Shadow... based in the unlikely county of Suffolk (by gum)....If this is a 'storm' in Suffolk, their bright days must be spectacular... Beccles does the business." 9 / 10

Echoes (Duncan), 18 May '96:
"...the ever enterprising Moving Shadow follow up the successful Revolutionary Generation with a trip to the sunny East Coast....far removed from the hectic, polluted environment of inner city life set amongst green fields and wide open spaces. Proof, in other words, that Ipswich doesn't just house a second-rate football team but is home to some of the finest production talents in drum 'n' bass today...What you will find is 10 slices of high quality music to listen to, representing the sound from just one part of the drum 'n' bass nation. So, remembering that the sum of all parts make one whole, forget all the boundaries and make this part of your essential listening."