Format: 2LP, CD, MC

Release date: 23.10.95

Following on from the success of "Omni Trio Volume 1 - The Deepest Cut", Moving Shadow present "Foul Play - Suspected", a collection of tracks from Foul Play, plus exclusive new tracks and VIP remixes previously unavailable to the general public.
Foul Play are held in such high regard for their remix work mainly due to the quality of their original offerings. Over the last two years they've remixed singles for artists such as Hyper-On Experience, Omni Trio, Bug Khan & The Plastic Jam, DJ Pulse, E-Z Rollers, Nookie, King Just, Ray Keith, and most recently, The Shamen. This, however, is a collection of their own material and only the second artist album from Moving Shadow. We expect it to demonstrate once again the true style and power of Jungle in 1995.

You can tell a Foul Play track when you hear it. The production oozes a certain crispness; the beats programmed to perfection; a tune that hangs together like an Armani suit.
Signed to the Moving Shadow label in 1993, their ability as remixers produced two of last year's finest moments: Omni Trio's 'Renegade Snares' and Hyper On Experience's 'Lords of the Null Lines'. Their own single, 'Open Your Mind' was also well received, both in and out of the hardcore scene; whilst the recent 'Music is the Key' explores the path of vocal hardcore that many seem wary of treading. Foul Play first came to the publics attention in 1992 with 'Foul Play Vol. 1', released on their own Oblivion label. Over the next two years, their music audibly matured as their experience has grew. As with many hardcore artists, the duo - Steve Bradshaw (Brad) & John Morrow - started out playing soul, jazz and funk in the eighties, with all of them progressing on to the then burgeoning house scene. After meeting through the small circle of aficionados in the Milton Keynes area, they formed their own label and have plotted a steady course through breakbeat and house releases.