Format: Compilation LP. CD. MC

Release date: 4.11.96

Transcentral Connection is the third in the Moving Shadow highly acclaimed series of regionally based compilations. First there was "Revolutionary Generation" (ASH3), focusing on the Home Counties talent, and next up was "Storm From The East" (ASH4) concentrating on the East Anglia region. Both albums proved their worth by entering the Dance Album charts (CIN) at #3, so their was no doubt that a third album in the same vein would be warmly received. Transcentral Connection takes the listener to the midlands region and highlights the indigenous talent to be found there.
Following are the artists' own thoughts on the concept of the album, and comments by James Mitton, who acted as ring master and assembled the tracks. James was characteristically too modest to talk about his own offerings as Carlito, Essence of Aura and Guardians of Dalliance, so you can take it from us that we rate him as an exceptional talent .

"For a long time the Midlands has suffered a backlash of abuse over Jungle and the drum 'n' bass scene. A new representation was needed with a new focus. This brought me into the line of thinking that someone had to take responsibility for the local artists and prove to the rest of the nation that the Midlands has something to offer. For me, "Revolutionary Generation" and "Storm From The East" were a new and exciting frontier being explored. This was my chance to collaborate and represent the Midlands artists new and old.

Ian Scott (Essence of Aura) expressed something echoed by all the artists when he said he was pleased the album shows off out-of London talent.

DJ Addiction said his track represents the freedom within Drum 'n' Bass to produce different styles and sounds for the one cause - " All thanks to Moving Shadow".
James adds: "This new kid on the block is really starting to break through. Taking his DJing skills from 'Speed' in London to 'On It' in Middlesborough, his first 12" release is imminent on LTJ Bukem's Good Lookin' imprint. A new face for the future."

Vext, is a fresh face for '97. With future releases planned for Outstanding Records, this underrated artist is now getting the respect he fully deserves. He really did his homework and produced a piece of text from Douglas Adam's

Tango: "People tend to forget there are producers in the Midlands. I hope this album helps remind them." James and Ian (Essence of Aura) say they remember first meeting Tango way back in the legendary days of the now defunct Coventry club, The Eclipse. "We were impressed with his talent for DJing and music making. The man is a serious perfectionist. He deserves more credit than he gets".

Trix: "This album gives the Midlands some publicity and shows there is a scene outside of London, believe it or not, however small. It gave me the chance to work with other artists (BC from Liverpool), do some work for Moving Shadow who push the music, and be part of something that we all hope will be around for a long time." James says this veteran of the Coventry Drum 'n' Bass scene has taken his experiences of DJing at the legendary Eclipse club to recording for some of the best labels in the scene.

BC: "Moving Shadow has always been a really big influence. As soon as I was asked to go on the album I didn't think twice about it." Part of Liverpool's "Future Bound", he is now producing under his own DJ name, as well as working with other producers. His new material is definitely a force to reckoned with.

Q Project & Spinback from Oxford are truly in a league of their own with tracks such as "Airtight" and the classic "Champion Sounds" under their belts. The album would not be complete without them.

Guardians of Dalliance - The jazzy downbeaters take an excursion into the Drum 'n' Bass world. With the talents of Carlito and studio wizard Mike Hall, these boys are set for great things.