Release date: 27.4.98

Format: 4 piece vinyl LP, CD

"The concept was for an album of breakbeat music to cover all the moods of the 48 hours in a weekend. Many peoples lives' revolve around the influences of music at the weekend and how a particular track at a particular time effects them".
Jay, Alex & Kelly - the EZ Rollers.

The E-Z Rollers have been described as having the roller instinct of Doc Scott combined with the soulfulness of 4 Hero's 'Jacob's Optical Stairway'.
Comprising Jay Hurren, Alex Banks and vocalist Kelly Richards, the E-Z Rollers have been working together for four years, during which time they've built up an excellent reputation for producing some of the most lushly textured and infectiously danceable music of this genre. Propulsive breakbeats, megabass grooves and lullaby vocals are all part of the E-Z Roller sound; 'Weekend World' incorporates all these elements whilst at the same time marking a significant development of their own, unique, sound. This is a landmark album for 98, and once again spotlights the E-Z Rollers as being at the forefront of the intricate and constantly evolving d&b story.

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