Brass Wolf is the musical embodiment of Tom Withers and Danny Coffey. Neither of them are strangers to the recording business, racking up a wealth of experience over the last few years. Having recorded seperately under various pseudonyms, for a variety of labels in the past - these two friends finally honoured their long standing agreement to record together at the end of 1997.
Their first release on the Moving Shadow label was the imaginatively titled 'One' (AC002). Tom started off in the music business as a professional drummer with a US based skating band; once bitten he went on to record under the name 'Override', releasing most notably the 'Scam'ep on Ninja Tunes and 'Future Paranoia', on Octopus Records. More recently Tom has put out several 12"s, 'Perception', 'Leo 9' and 'Right or Wrong', under the name Klute on Certificate 18 Record. DannyÓs first release was on Labello Blanco back in '91 under the name 'Strictly Rockers'. He went on to set up and run his own distribution company 'SMD' for a couple of years, before meeting up with Tony Thorpe of Language Records, who impressed him so much that he signed up for a three album deal under the now famous name 'Endemic Void'.
Danny also records under the name 'Tertius', with releases on Funk 21, Renegade Vibez and Creative Wax so far. On top of this, Dan has an imminent release on Carl Cox's 'Ultimatum' imprint under the name Krash.
In addition to their recording work both Danny & Tom DJ out, playing "All manner of breakbeat sounds".
Tom lives in Muswell Hill, North London. Danny has a quieter time of it - living out in beautiful Broadmeads, Hertfordshire.