Though the artist title gives the impression that the Successful Criminals are a collective, this is far from true. It is in fact one man, Alex Banks from E-Z Rollers fame. Alex decided to branch out on a solo project following on from his previous collaborations with Danny Demierre (aka Flytronix) who together formed
Hyper-On-Experience and Jason Hurren, the other half of E-Z Rollers.
Alexıs first release under this pseudonym was 'Crazy Lover/64 Drums' (AC004) on
Audio Couture in May 1998 attracting wide floor and air-play. It perfectly captured the summer sound of jazz and funk influences in drum & bass.
Following on from this was 'Control Freak/Tardis' (AC010), a 70ıs inspired funk fuelled infectious track. The Successful Criminals also contributed to the 'Drumfunk Hooliganz' (AShadow 14) compilation with Music Madness. Alex plans to more solo projects under this tag when finding space in his heavy DJ and Production schedule with E-Z Rollers.