The original plan was for Dom to finish his A levels, go to University and become an architect. However that was before he realised that music was in his bones and that it had to be given an outlet. So the plan became; leave school halfway through A-levels, go on studio engineering course and become a bar-manager to make ends meet. Once again a decent career tossed aside for the love of music... It was always going to be like this.
Dom spent five years of his childhood in Germany owing to his father's successful opera career. Musically he followed the traditional route from hiphop to house via breakbeat into jungle, a journey inspired in particular by early, dark, Reinforced tracks and Doc Scott's seminal 'N.H.S EP'. It was inevitable that he would find his way into the creative side of the scene. Whilst working as bar-manager, Dom was able to scrape enough money together to purchase a Roland 760, and with this began to write and produce various D&B tracks. As he finished each tune he would take it into No U-Turn's studio for the final mixdown. While there Nico (No U-Turn's head honcho) saw Dom's potential and his first three releases were put out on No U-Turns sister label Saigon. (SAG01 Wax Rhythmical, SAG 2 The Bells & SAG 03 The Definition).
On the strength of this early success, Dom persuaded his bank manager to lend him enough money to upgrade his home studio and began writing more tracks, this time for Moving Shadow. Several releases followed 'Cutting Edge'
(Shadow 75), 'The Planets' (Shadow 81), 'Interstellar Jazz' (Shadow 89) and
'The Storm' (Shadow 97), each one enhancing his reputation as one of the scenes growing influences. This reputation was cemented still further when Dom was chosen to collaborate on Moving Shadow's 100th release, 'Distorted Dreams' (Shadow 100) with Rob Playford and Goldie.
Since then Dom has worked with studio stars Optical 'Quadrant 6' (Shadow 111) and Matrix 'The Vandal' (Shadow117) as well as producing remixing and engineering for labels like Prototype, Emotif, No U-Turn and artists like Fierce, Trace and Optical. This autumn has seen the long awaited release of Dom's first album, 'Industry' (AShadow 16) to unanimous public and critical acclaim. Drawing on his wide background of musical influences, Dom1s album presents the listener with a variety of textures and styles fused together with his unique style of hard, dark sounds. The tracks 'Thunder' and 'Connected' (both on the album) had been rinsed on dubplate by the A-list DJ s for at least six months before the album was released, so when the first 12" 'Timeframe' (Shadow123) came out it became an instant hit. Add to that the remix treatment on this one from old friend Matrix (Shadow 123R) and a heady brew was created.
More singles are planned and some very interesting remixes from top producers are also in the pipeline. Finally if he's not in the studio, Dom is to be found Djing around the UK with the Moving Shadow 'All Points Tour', jetting in and out of Europe and further afield in the US.