Danny "Flytronix" Demierre was born a in 1970. He moved from Lambeth, South London, to Birmingham before settling in Beccles, Suffolk at the age of 6.
It was at school in Beccles where Danny met Alex Banks and Jay Hurren from the 'E-Z Rollers'. Danny used to MC for Jay whilst he established himself as DJ JMJ (of 'JMJ & Richie').
In 1990 Danny invested in some keyboards and samplers and pooled resources with Alex. Together, as 'Hyper-on Experience', they performed at raves and started to build their reputation. Jay, meanwhile, was on the Moving Shadow DJ mailing list, and via him they got a cassette to Rob Playford. The result was the 'H.E. Anthem' E.P. (Shadow 17).
This was shortly followed by the 'Assention' (Shadow 22) E.P. and then the infamous anthem 'Lords of the Null-Lines' (Shadow 30) which received the remix treatment by Foul Play (Shadow 30R1) and Nookie (Shadow 30R2). Danny started to work on solo projects under various monikers: 'Flytronix' for Moving Shadow and Whitehouse records, 'Outcast' for Basement and 'Heard' for Stronghold. His 'Flytronix' debut on Moving Shadow was 'Ricochet' (Shadow 58) remixed by DJ Harmony (Shadow 58R). The subsequent release, 'Rare Tear, Part 1' (Shadow 72) drew the most ecstatic reviews.
For the next project Danny collaborated with JMJ to make JMJ & Flytronix 'In Too Deep' (Shadow 84). This was followed by the memorable solo offering 'The Rhode Tune' (Shadow 98) which entered the CIN Dance Singles chart at #5. Originally written for Fabio as a tribute to the legendary Speed club nights, it was described by the great DJ as 'simply a classic...with probably the best Jazz keyboard line ever used in Drum & Bass.'
'Introkutt Studio Productions' is where it all happens and this is where Danny spent two years assembling his stunning debut album for Moving Shadow 'Archive' (AShadow 15). Described by Omni Trio as 'Moving Shadows best ever album' 'Archive' spanned decades of musical development, acknowledging many genres. The album was unique in its diversity, released in October 1998 'Archive' received high critical acclaim reaching No.9 in the CIN Dance Album Chart.
As a prelude to the album Danny¿s latest release was 'Contemporary Acoustic Jam' (Shadow 119). With two remixes by Andy C and Shimon (Shadow 119R), both rocked the dancfloors around the UK whilst simultaneously gaining excellent reviews. Outside commissions are myriad, including Courtney Pine's version of the classic Jazz torch song 'Don't Explain' (A-listed on Kiss FM) and Abstract Truth's 'Get Another Plan', both for Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label.
Other fans include Manchester band Intastella who have twice had his remixes, James, Wasis Diop, Indo Aminata and French artists DJ Cam and Snooze. He engineered and co-produced, for Foul Play, their debut album 'Suspected' (AShadow 2) as well as remixes of Cloud 9 and Omni Trio.
Other projects have included Evolver (on Megadog) and Peshay (together they worked on Bukem's seminal 'Music' and Galliano's 'Freefall').
For Moving Shadow he has remixed DJ Harmony's 'Future Music' (Shadow 65R), and 'Pipe Dreams' (Shadow 88R) by Hoax.
As influences he cites eclectically Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Seal, old jazz and the more predictable rare groove and hip-hop. Danny's respect goes to LTJ Bukem, Peshay, Photek, 4Hero, DJ Krust, Roni Size, Goldie, PFM and Rob Playford.
A talented artist he designs all his own cover artwork. Originally a graffiti artist, he taught himself air-brush techniques and now plans to explore computer animation.