Higher Sense consists of Ant Miles and DJ Rhythm, both from the county of Essex, North East of London. In the Spring of 1994 they found themselves in conversation at a London Junglist event. They agreed that the Jungle genre was the most exciting new style of music to appear since 1989, with a spirit of unity and equality at its foundation.
At 21, DJ Rhythm had already gained 3 years experience on radio and the live circuit and wanted to co-write and record an original Jungle tune for a few selected DJ's to try out. Ant Miles, a Jungle 'veteran' at 29, had been contributing to the scene as a producer since 1991. With his creative input and fresh contacts he resuscitated his father's ailing recording studio business by founding 'Liftin' Spirit Records'.
He decided to collaborate with DJ Rhythm on a project. Their first collaboration was the seminal track entitled 'Cold Fresh Air' (Shadow 55) which was originally released on Ant's label, 'Lifting Spirit'. It brought them so much attention that they decided to sign to Moving Shadow, who released the track in December 1994. This success was followed by 'Bizarre' (Shadow 63), which included a remixed version of 'People of the Universe'.
'Bizarre' was remixed by Desired State (Shadow 63R). Soon to follow was 'Lock Up / Metallic FX' (Shadow 70) in February '96. 'Limiter' (Shadow 126) was Ant's first Higher Sense release for over 18 months and was a collaboration with DJ Freedom; one of the key DJs on the Essex based pirate station 'Cyndikute'.
Ant is now normally found working alongside Andy C as one half of 'Origin Unknown', releasing tracks through Andy C's groundbreaking imprint Ram Records (infamous for 'Valley of The Shadows').
Origin Unknown were the team responsible for remixes on Moving Shadow such as Dred Bass 'Dead Dred' (Shadow 50) and the superb remix of the E-Z Rollers 'Tough At The Top' (Shadow 120/120R) which rinsed out the nations dancefloors several months over the summer of 1998.
DJ Rhythm has recently set up his own studio as well as DJing on the radio circuit. However, Higher Sense now absorbs most of his time. Together they intend to explore the unlimited potential of Drum 'n' Bass.