The first international artists on the label, both Torgeir Byrkines (TeeBee) and Kjetil Dale Sagstad (K) live in Bergen, Norway. Apparently they met back in 1993 when TeeBee was putting on raves in Norway and K was the kid who kept bugging him to get in.
TeeBee has been Djing for over eight years and is acknowledged as Norways main D&B DJ, (no mean feat considering heõs only 21). TeeBee's friend and studio partner K, introduced him to the production side of music three years ago. Apparently the Norwegian D&B scene is just starting to really take off, but with the emphasis on the mellower side of things.
First contact with Moving Shadow was via a demo K (Kjetil) made in 1995, he was put on the mailing list, a connection was made and the rest they say is history. 'Droids/Otrivin' (AC003) was their first major release together on Audio Couture. These tracks showed TeeBee's individual hardstep formation of powerful dark basslines whilst K's track weaves the bassline through intricately programmed drum edits. The track went to No.5 on BBC Radio 1's Jungle Chart. DJ TeeBee's first solo outing on Audio Couture was 'Assassin/The Abyss' (AC006) continuing with the hard, aggressive style. Then came 'Coming of Shadows/Back to my Roots' (AC015) where chilling soundscapes morphed with deep dark bass and beats.
K's debut came with 'Bad Dreams/NightStalker' (AC014), two very different tracks. Bad Dreams was a haunting bass driven drum & bass track whilst Nightstalker broke new ground showing Moving Shadow/Audio Couture's versatility by releasing an Old Skool Electro track for the Nu Skool breakz crowd. TB says he enjoys telling stories through sounds and other projects have included releases on Rugged vinyl, and inclusion on a compilation album from Mercury to be mixed by Jumping Jack Frost.
TB also has an album coming out on the Norweigen label 'Beatservice'. Visiting the UK to DJ is high on his list of priorities for 1999.
Plans For the future include recording more tracks for Moving Shadow, remixing work and starting up his own drum & bass club night in Bergen.