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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!
Catalogue Number: SHADOW201-0
Release Date: 1 January 1994
Format: 12" Vinyl
℗ 1994 Moving Shadow
Flyer ...
12" Picture Disc

Label boss Rob Playford had the bizarre idea of getting a record that "had no sound" into the dance charts! Hold on... was it even possible to sell a piece of vinyl with no sound on it? Well, yes ...

With no groove cut on it at all, we made a flyer in the form of a 12" picture disc for our upcoming 2 on 1 series. Record shops displayed it on their walls and it was a big hit with the fans. It was sold for the same price as a regular 12" vinyl and, with its official catalogue number, barcode, and other sales requirements, it made its way into the official charts (not Top 40, but hey) 😎


The other side of the picture disc 👆 featured the centre of the main image used across the covers.
Bizarre note: We've seen clocks made out of this side, with the mechanism and hands of the clock coming through from the back via the centre hole. A little unexpected, but looked great!

As mentioned in the flyer, the completed 2 on 1 series of covers created a 3 foot square 'poster'. If you were lucky enough to be able to complete the series, the back of the covers could be arranged to produce this 👇