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Discography - MSXEP

Dom & Roland
Dom & Roland: Can't Punish Me
Dom & Roland: Tramlines
Dom & Roland: Firewire
Dom & Roland: Sky Spirits
Catalogue Number: MSXEP001
Release Date: 3 January 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
E-Z Rollers
E-Z Rollers: RS2000
E-Z Rollers: Get Lifted
E-Z Rollers: It's Murder
E-Z Rollers: Cops Don't Like Us
Catalogue Number: MSXEP002
Release Date: 3 January 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Calyx: Catapult
Calyx: Reshuffle
Calyx: Transition
Calyx: Decompression
Catalogue Number: MSXEP003
Release Date: 29 May 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Rascal & Klone
Winner Takes All E.P
Rascal & Klone: The Phoenix
Rascal & Klone: Winner Takes All
Rascal & Klone: The Grind
Rascal & Klone: Get Wild
Catalogue Number: MSXEP004
Release Date: 10 July 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Technical Itch
The Never After EP
Technical Itch: Dimensions
Technical Itch: Extraction
Technical Itch: Relic
Technical Itch: Crystal
Catalogue Number: MSXEP005
Release Date: 21 August 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Aquasky: Radium
Aquasky: Spectre
Aquasky: I Can't Wait (No More)
Aquasky: Uptight
Catalogue Number: MSXEP006
Release Date: 6 November 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Calyx: Downpour
Calyx: Quagmire
Calyx: Ripe
Calyx: Exchange
Catalogue Number: MSXEP007
Release Date: 20 November 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Dom & Roland
Dom & Roland: Imagination
Dom & Roland: Skyliner
Dom & Roland: Soundwall
Dom & Roland: Original Sin
Catalogue Number: MSXEP008
Release Date: 18 December 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Roots aka Deep Rooted
The 'aka Roots' EP
Roots aka Deep Rooted: Chi
Roots aka Deep Rooted: Tokyo No Yoake
Roots aka Deep Rooted: Wanton
Roots aka Deep Rooted: Hz
Catalogue Number: MSXEP009
Release Date: 12 February 2001
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Various Artists
Perfect Combination: What Lies Beneath
Perfect Combination: Highway 5
Perfect Combination: Bring Back The Bongos
M/CR Movement: The Slice (featuring Static)
Catalogue Number: MSXEP010
Release Date: 19 March 2000
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Exile: Bad Diet
Exile: Vermin Run
Exile: Kryptonite
Exile: Only If...
Catalogue Number: MSXEP011
Release Date: 21 May 2001
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Various Artists
Ice Minus & Decoder: Drowning
Ice Minus: Jabba
Technical Itch & Ice Minus: Altered Beast
Technical Itch: Analysis
Catalogue Number: MSXEP012
Release Date: 24 May 2001
Format: 2x12" Vinyl