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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!

Moving Shadow on Spotify

May 24, 2023

The entire Moving Shadow back catalogue just dropped on Spotify!

Yes, all of it.

Whenever you feel the need to spice up your day with some quality Drum & Bass, you can now search for any of your favourite Moving Shadow tracks, build your own Moving Shadow playlists, or add any tracks from the back catalogue to any of your existing playlists.

To get you going, check out some very special playlists selected by Omni Trio, Noisia, Hyper-On Experience, Calyx, Blame, and 2 Bad Mice’s very own Rob Playford, on our new Spotify page.

Spotify joins the long list of global outlets, which started with AppleMusic / iTunes way back in 2006 and closely followed by Beatport in 2008. Since then, ‘newcomers’ have been added as digital spaces and online platforms have matured.

Watch for similar drops on our YouTube channel too, but you’re already subscribed to that, right?