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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


October 12, 1998

Flytronix: Archive

Danny Demierre aka Flytronix has spent two years pulling together the ideas and sounds that build the overall tone of his debut album “Archive”. Spanning decades of musical development and acknowledging many genres, Danny has put together an album unique in its diversity.

“Archive is really about my own history, my personal archives - it’s a reflection of the music I grew up with and which had an influence on me. Also, rather than just do an album with say, ten straight tracks, I’ve tried to create the feel of some of the early rap albums, with snippets of vocal phrases and other effects to build up a sense of continuity throughout the album ….” Danny Flytronix

Like much of Flytronix’ work there are many jazz references in the album; Danny brought in The Jazz Poets Remi & Roger to add vocals on two tracks, ‘Rosary For Rhythm’ and ‘Not Much Music’, and their thoughtful rhythms and lyrics compliment the overall tempo of the album. From the U.S.A. TC Izlam contributes darker overtones on ‘Birth Of Da Kool’ and again Danny achieves a finely gauged blend of drum & bass sensibilities with strong vocals to maximum effect.

Background: Danny’s previous work is as wide-ranging as it is impressive. He has many solo projects under his belt, recording as Outcast for Basement, and Heard for Stronghold. He has engineered / co-produced for Foul Play (remixes of Cloud Nine & Omni Trio, as well as their own album), Evolver (on Megadog) and Peshay (together they did Bukem’s seminal “Music” and Galliano’s “Freefall”). For Moving Shadow he has remixed DJ Harmony’s “Future Music”, and more recently, ‘Pipe Dreams’ by Hoax. Outside commissions are myriad, including Courtney Pine’s version of the classic Jazz torch song, “Don’t explain” (A-listed on Kiss FM) and Abstract Truth’s ‘Get Another Plan’, both for Gilles Peterson’s Talkin’ Loud label. Other fans include Manchester band Intastella who have twice commissioned Flytronix remixes, James, Wasis Diop, Indo Aminata and French artists DJ Cam and Snooze.

Flytronix’ first single on Moving Shadow was ‘Ricochet / Shine A Rewind / Return To Intelligence / Ethno blast’ (Shadow 58). The subsequent release, ‘Rare Tear, Part 1 / Ready Ta Flo’ (Shadow 72) drew ecstatic reviews including being Laurent Garnier’s ‘Record of the Month’ in Muzik Magazine (Dec ‘95) - “Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant”. Flytronix collaborated with JMJ for his next release ‘In Too Deep / Delusions’ (Shadow 84). This was followed by his superb solo offering ‘The Rhode Tune / To Ya!’ (Shadow 98) which entered the CIN Dance Singles chart at #5. Originally written for Fabio as a tribute to the legendary Speed club nights, it was described by Fabio in Eternity magazine as “Simply a classic…with probably the best Jazz keyboard line ever used in a drum & bass tune.” Danny’s latest release is “Contemporary Accousticz Jam” (Shadow 119) with two remixes by Andy C and Shimon (Shadow 119R), both of which have have been rocking dancefloors around the UK whilst simultaneously gaining excellent press reviews.

For technical data, see:

  • ASHADOW15 (vinyl) a four-piece vinyl featuring 10 of the CD tracks; an instrumental version of ‘Rosary For Rhythm’ replaces the vocal edit
  • ASHADOW15CD 18 tracks spread over 2 volumes and 1 hour 58 minutes