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Exclusive Soundtrack Deal For Eidos ‘Jet Ski Riders’

November 1, 2001

Hot on the heals of the Rockstar Games GTA3 release, Resonant Matrix, the licensing arm of Moving Shadow, has finalised a deal with British games publisher Eidos, to provide an exclusive 16 track soundtrack for their forthcoming PS2 title Jet Ski Riders.

Due for release in December 2001 the soundtrack includes music from Omni Trio, E-Z Rollers, Technical Itch, 2 Bad Mice, Dom & Roland, Aquasky, Perfect Combination, 60 Minute Man & Tekniq, with additional remixes provided from breakbeat maestros Hybrid and Rennie Pilgrem.

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In addition to the game, Jet Ski Riders interactive content will be incorporated into Moving Shadow’s on-going CD sampler series. 02.1 The Jet Ski Riders Edition is due for release on 28th January 2002. The disc includes a 60 minute audio mix from Timecode, based around tracks used in the game and a selection of fresh cuts due for release next year plus a CDROM section dedicated to Jet Ski Riders. There will also be competitions to win a PlayStation2™, copies of the game and some super cool Moving Shadow merchandise. More details on the CD though so get your orders in for the end of January.

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Speaking of GTA3, we’ve been inundated with emails about the mixes we provided for its award winning soundtrack as well as getting the news that it’s by far the quickest selling game on the PS2 so far, selling more copies in its first month of release than GT3 sold in its first three. Even if you’ve already got a copy be sure to check out the extended version of our mix, which is now on-line and exclusive to Don’t forget to get your dedications in to the studio via email as well. They love to get feedback from listeners while they rock the bells of Liberty City!