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September 1, 2001

Dom & Roland - 'Imagination' (original) / 'Imagination' (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)

After many months of anticipation for a 12" single release of Dom & Roland’s ‘Imagination’ we have just received a remix by Renegade Hardware / Negative records’ Kemal & Rob Data to back it with so both of those tracks now get entered into the release schedule and the waiting is finally over. These boys just can’t do any wrong at the moment and this remix is no exception.

It’s due to hit the streets some time in the next month or so, make sure you get your orders in early this time as a lot of people missed the double pack that included the original mix when it was first released months ago.

Dom, and also newly beefed up Roland, have been even more popular lately with a lot of enquiries for his latest track ‘Dynamo’. As yet though, it’s only on dub plate and so far Dom’s plans are just to continue working on it to make it even better than it already is before it sees its final release at the end of the year. As ever we’ll keep you posted with all the latest arrivals right here in the news so make sure you’re registered on our email list so we can let you know when things are happening.