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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


March 17, 2003

Dieselboy Leads U.S. Releases On Moving Shadow

Dieselboy, aka Damien Higgins, is the most successful Drum ’n’ bass producer and DJ in the US tying with LTJ Bukem for ‘Best Drum ’n’ Bass DJ’ at the 1998 Global DJ Mix Awards and listed 14th ahead of Groovrider and Fabio in the 2001 DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll. His impeccable mixing skills have consistently earned him gigs all over the world including London’s Fabric where he became the 1st US Drum ’n’ Bass DJ to be invited to grace the decks. Dieselboy’s, last mix CD release, ‘The 6ixth Session’ (Palm Pictures) was one of the best selling electronic music albums in the US last year, with sales of over 80,000 and also the best selling Drum ’n’ Bass mix CD in the history of electronic music.

‘project HUMAN’ was inspired with an idea by Dieselboy for getting producers he respected to remix a selection of tracks they liked. ‘project HUMAN’ gives a taste of the brave new world seen through the eyes of Dieselboy along with top-flight US producers E-sassin, Stratus, Hive and Danny C (of ‘The Mexican’ fame).

The choice remix material cover all types of electronic music, from filtered disco house, to trance, to west coast hip-hop, giving the CD more variety with influences from other genres. Pulling in tracks like ‘Subculture’ by LA Hip-Hop group Styles of Beyond, ‘Pistolwhip’ by renowned Trance producer Joshua Ryan, and the Disco House cut ‘Harder & Faster’ by Robbie Rivera; Dieselboy dissects the originals, then weaves in his fierce trademark rolling basslines and spliced drum patterns.

The above sit alongside the legendary ‘Soundwall VIP’ by Dom & Roland, ‘Mindgames’ by Bad Company, Kemal & Rob Data’s ‘Hostile’, Rymetime & Optical’s ‘Shapechange’ and Technical Itch’s remix of ‘California Curse’ by Dylan & Ink. Other exclusive remixes include Rob & Goldie’s ‘The Shadow’ (Hive remix), Dom & Optical’s ‘Quadrant 6’ (E-sassin remix), Technical Itch’s ‘Reborn’ (Weapon remix) and the Ram Trilogy remix of Billy Lo’s ‘Carjacker’.

An intense work schedule and unparalleled devotion to developing the Drum ’n’ Bass scene has seen Dieselboy produce six mix CDs, however, in this seventh, he has defined a new sound and concept for a mix CD that will revolutionise how American Drum ’n’ Bass is produced and perceived today.