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July 14, 2003

Omni Trio - 10 Years On ...

Celebrating ten years of groundbreaking releases on Moving Shadow, Volume - The Best Of Omni Trio is the ultimate album in Omni Trio’s distinguished reign and is the definitive collection of his timeless works. Omni Trio has been described as one of the most influential dance producers on the planet and his influence on the drum & bass movement over the last decade has been immense. The pedigree of his music is due in part to the multitude of influences that have contributed to his unique sound. From jazz to techno, atmospheric or minimal, seductive and rhythmic - Omni Trio’s timeless music has earned him the respect of influential DJ’s, artists and thousands of fans all over the world.

Think back to the classic ‘Renegade Snares’, ‘Thru The Vibe’ or ‘Tripping On Broken Beats’, and you begin to realise how far back Omni Trio’s break-beat pedigree stretches. His debut album the ‘Deepest Cut’, was a landmark for drum & bass documenting its natural progression (as well as being the first ever D&B artist album!) and was followed by the critically acclaimed albums ‘Haunted Science’, ‘Skeleton Keys’, ‘Byte Size Life’ and ‘Even Angels Cast Shadows’; all achieving high positions in both the UK Dance Album Chart and UK Independent Album Chart.

‘Volume’ delivers a range of classic tracks that gracefully avoided the usual clichés of many of today’s productions, whilst effortlessly encapsulating the timeless quality of Omni’s very best work: ‘Who Are You’, ‘Sanctuary’, ‘Revolver’, ‘Nu-Birth’ and ‘Breakbeat Etiquette’ all feature amongst many others.

‘Volume’ is a unique offering from Omni Trio and Moving Shadow, an exceptional slice of drum and bass mastery, blending compulsive bass-lines with majestic sweeps, atmospheric melodies and hypnotic refrains.

‘Volume’ is Omni Trio’s sixth album release, a snapshot of everything that has gone before and promises to reminisce again the sheer art of his inspiring, thoughtful and moving music, which he has nurtured and developed over the last ten years.

‘Volume’ is a revealing exploration of Omni Trio’s exceptional and distinctive world, assimilating and blending all the themes from his illustrious work.

‘Volume’ defines a generation - a sliver of unique drum & bass and break-beat music history and is the essential buy for every serious music collector.

Oh, and there’s a stunning bonus mix CD included as well!