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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP021
January 27, 2003

Various Artists - RE:Born in the USA EP

Following swiftly on the tails of the thunderous Hyper-On Experience remix EP comes another storming remix double pack; these having been specifically sanctioned for the forthcoming ‘project HUMAN’ mix CD by premier US DJ Dieselboy. Dieselboy (aka Damien Higgins / Weapon) is one of the hottest talents in Drum and Bass Stateside and alongside fellow countrymen DJ Hive and E-Sassin has re-worked three slamming Shadow cuts from the last few years.

First up though we’ve licensed in the Weapon vs E-sassin DnB remix of Robbie Rivera’s house cut ‘Harder & Faster’. One of the highlights of project HUMAN, ‘Harder, Faster’ will without doubt be smashing dance floors to bits worldwide over the next few months with its solid rocking beats and apocalyptic breakdown, complete with almost squarepusher-esque edits. This remix really does have to be heard, to be believed!

E-sassin tries his hand at Dom & Optical’s seminal ‘97 classic ‘Quadrant 6’ to superb effect, keeping the famous gliding strings and dense atmospheres of the original and adding some kick ass beats and floor shaking basslines US style.

Rob & Goldie’s awesome centenary production ‘The Shadow’ is also taken apart and re-arranged for the project, this time in the form of DJ Hive’s VIP mix. This has been highly sought after for a while now, purely because of the insanity it causes when unleashed on the dance floor. THAT intro is still intact with its vocoded tribute to a certain dnb imprint… but Hive sharpens up the beats and polishes the bassline for today’s climate.

Finally Dieselboy in his Weapon guise twists Tech Itch’s ‘Reborn’ from his ‘Diagnostics’ LP (ASHADOW 18) into an epic tranced-out journey that is tearing systems apart on test-press at the moment. The 303 fuelled acid lines of the original are still there but are contrasted with an epic, crowd pleasing, euphoric breakdown that drifts higher and higher until the crunching drums and infectious rhythms come crashing back in.