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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP022
March 24, 2003

E-Sassin - Secular Motion EP

Following on from his awesome remixes of Dom & Optical’s ‘Quadrant 6’ and Robbie Rivera’s ‘Harder and Faster’ (with Dieselboy), featured on the ‘Re:Born in the USA EP’ (MSXEP 021); Leading US DJ/Producer E-sassin returns to Moving Shadow with an EP of 4 new tracks.

The title track ‘Secular Motion’ is a filmic affair with a shifting cinematic intro, that’s taken over by submersed synth pulses and off-beat bassline rumblings. The shifting, shaking break builds this heads down roller with its solid rhythms and funky dance-floor vibe.

Next up is the somewhat darker and more energetic ‘Abomination’ which blends distorted, snare tweaked breaks and claustrophobic melodies, building the tension all the way until distant droning voices signal the drop that falls away as the beats surge back in and the track goes into overdrive.

The staccato strings and amen trickery of ‘Genome (VIP)’ show off E-sassin’s sound perfectly. The familiar crunching rhythms and expertly tweaked robotic synth patches are evidence that the great US/UK production divide no longer exists.

Add to this the atmospheric tech step ‘Interface’ and you have four shining examples of just how far the US DnB scene has come.