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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP023
June 23, 2003

Cujo - Killahurtz EP

Following on from his storming remix of legendary Ruffige Cru track ‘Terminator’ on Metalheadz, - Tommy ‘Cujo’ joins the Shadow Cru with an EP of earth-shattering tunes.

Title track, ‘Killahurts’ starts off with a slow building intro that is engulfed by heavy pulsating, pounding bass rhythms and clever synth stabs. It’s then moulded together with some solid breaks and heavily bit-crushed bass line business that, added to the overload filters, turns this into a heavy composition that has rewind written all over it.

Next up is ‘Electro Rock’ - Eerie voices litter the beginning of this composition, another HEAVY bass lead stomper. Crisp breaks fly over the saturated and charged up low end madness that is almost certain to cause major sound system melt-down.

Kicking off with those terminator style phased up beats, ‘Dirty Base’ morphs into a tough as you like low frequency masterpiece with crunching breaks… Once again it’s all about the bottom end here as countless bass fills glide in and inject the funk into the clattering rhythms.

‘Stay With Me’s understated walking subs make the bass not as prominent as in the previous tracks. Instead, the emphasis is on the rhythm construction. The stuttering breaks and subtle percussive licks fill the groove as Cujo gets back to the old school with the addition of some classic hoover business.