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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP028
November 24, 2003

Future Prophecies - The Overdrive EP

Teebee cohorts and burgeoning Norwegian drum and bass prodigies, Future Prophecies bring us their first release on Moving Shadow’s long standing MSXEP project. With an album on the way on Teebee’s highly acclaimed no-nonsense Subtitles imprint and singles for Outbreak and Hardware also in the pipeline, this highly talented duo are stamping their mark on dancefloors worldwide. These guy’s are definitely hotly tipped to shake the scenes foundations in the coming months.

‘Plastic Dreams’ starts with a beautiful intro which comes to an end when the track breaks down to a prodigy influenced arp line. The beats drop and soulful dreamy vocals take you on a ride through this deeply melodic and moody bass-led journey.

‘Overdrive’ is just distortion! An industrial, sci-fi intro with burning phased beats introduces the overdrive vocal before the track drops with a crushed b-line and some heavily distorted amens, later breaking down with some dreaded old school ragga vocals and a massive junglist sub b-line giving it a breathtaking old school vibe.

‘Aftermath’ is kicked off with an electrifying technoish synth riff followed by dark cinematic atmospheres introducing the earthquaking bass to come. A heavy two step beat charges forward with plenty of effects and hip hop vocals building up to an infectious acidic melody.

‘Basse the Bastard’ starts out with spacey atmospherics over heavily filtered reece basslines. A Dominator like synth riff is introduced together with some, shall we say ‘interesting’ female vocals. Feel the pressure drop as hard hitting pitched down amens collide in. The bass onslaught continues to build with layers of samples and effects that maintain the thunderous vibe right through to the end.