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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


January 13, 2003

Technical Itch vs Kemal - The Calling

Widely regarded as two of the scene’s most talented producers, Technical Itch and Kemal Okan join forces and return to the Shadow with this hotly anticipated single. Having recently been licensed by John B for his MixMag cover-mount late last year (snappily entitled ‘Trance and Bass’ hmm…), the track everyone’s been waiting for is ‘The Calling’ with its huge trance like energy and trademark synth chord changes. This tune is not for the cyber kid glow-stick posse down at gatecrasher though. This is an immaculately produced, high octane, bass shaking, tech-fuelled DnB workout that has been tearing dance-floors apart nationwide.

On the flip are the stuttering breakbeats and mechanical rhythms of ‘Signal Trace’ that chugs along in an altogether subtler manner than its neighbour, using reece injections, sweeping synths and crunching bass to create a huge soundscape.