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June 21, 2004

... It's About That Time ...

A lot of people have fallen victim to Dom’s devastating dub plate previews for a while now, but finally the covers are off and it’s time to let the world have details on the third artist album from Drum N Bass legend Dom & Roland: Chronology.

Before you go check that out though, let’s just fill you in on some of the headlines. In line with Dom & Roland tradition, Chronology features a couple of absolutely tearing collaborations; Rhino with fellow breakbeat terrorist Skynet and Ethinicity with the now legendary Kemal. Also included is a devastating rework of Moulin Rouge by America’s finest DieselBoy, Karl K and Kaos which is nothing short of breathtaking, and something special from DJ Hive who has selected two tracks from Dom’s seminal back catalogue, Parasite and Adrenalin, twisted them together and forced them screaming into the firing on all cylinders dancefloor opus that is Paradrenasite (do you see what he did there?)

There’s also, of course, a whole new batch of Dom’s most inspired work to date enforcing evidence that this producer is at the top of his game; a producer intent on pushing the boundaries of drum and bass to its very limits and beyond.

Anyone who doesn’t know Dom’s work (Roland being the ghost of his trusty sampler from back in the day) has cruelly overlooked one of the most unique producers in the dance music scene today. His sound is based very much in the tougher end of drum and bass, but it’s his effortless amalgamation of organic textures and synthetic rhythms that gives him the edge over other producers in this genre, and sees his music shine out in a scene that has been constantly graced by too many followers and not enough innovators.

His debut album, ‘Industry’ made Dom one of the most in-demand producers of the deep, dark and emotive drum and bass sound and some exclusive main player collaborations that read like a who’s who of the tougher side of D&B made up his second long player ‘Back For The Future’.

Chronology is the next stop on Dom’s journey to find the perfect groove, and in his own words is ‘…the closest yet I’ve got to the sounds in my head. It’s the collective merging of ten years worth of unearthly vibes, crazy ideas and advanced studio techniques’.

That being the case, it’s quite frightening to think what another 10 years is going to sound like… ‘Dance All Night’ is released as the pre-album single backed with ‘Just So You Know’, along with ‘Freak Seen’ and a massive remix of ‘Dance All Night’ by Calyx, who has been making tidal waves across the scene with releases on Metalheadz, V recordings, and Prototype amongst others.

For technical data, see:

  • ASHADOW31 (vinyl) which features one-track-a-side over a four-piece vinyl for superior sound (mastered by Simon @ The Exchange)
  • ASHADOW31CD featuring unmixed tracks

Supporting Single:

Supporting Tour:

  • UK & Europe: June - July 2004
  • USA: August 2004
  • Asia, Australia and New Zealand: December 2004