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Cover artwork for MSXEP029
February 2, 2004

Corrupt Souls (aka Impulse & Telemetrik) - Wicked Life EP

Corrupt Souls aka Josh ‘Impulse’ and Marcio ‘Telemetrik’ are two of Drum and Bass’ main players from the US. Both hailing from the suburbs of Washington DC they have collectively released tracks across a number of varied labels including Renegade Hardware, DJ Trace’s DSCI4, Teebee’s Subtitles, No U turn and Skynet’s Invision. They continue to burst into the limelight of the international scene with this upcoming EP which looks set to place the Corrupt Souls name firmly into the headz of drum & bass fans worldwide.

‘Wicked Life’ has dreamy atmospherics, drifting in and out as a rough rhythmic break hits you from all directions. A sinister quote precludes the dangerous drop and then it’s onwards we go. This tune takes the sound back to the late 90s as bongo rolls and pressure-building synth stabs ascend and descend.

‘Seppuku’ (Translated; Seppuku means ritual suicide by disembowelment btw!) features tight drum work, suspense-filled breakdowns, and over the top twisted midrange. Did we mention big bass? Watch the second breakdown where the atmosphere becomes even more schizophrenic, and stick around for the outro where the melodic influences become prevalent.

The second twelve of the pack contains ‘Autoerotica’ - A thick and running break with a thudding repetitive groove that’s impossible not to move to. The bassline in this track drives you away from the speakers before rapidly reeling you back in. Inventive synths squeeze in and out of the funk and make sure the pace and progression doesn’t let up.

Flip the vinyl and you have ‘The Singularity’ dropping into solid industrial percussion after opening with dark vocals and a steady ride. It doesn’t take long though for this beast to show its fangs. A rough-edged bassline sets the groove by swelling and dropping rapidly, while jagged synth stabs cut through the mix in orderly chaos.