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Cover artwork for MSXEP031
May 17, 2004

Culture Shock - The Vega EP

Brought to the stable by none other than Mr Dom & Roland himself, comes new up and coming wizkid James Pountney AKA Culture Shock. As we keep up our endless mission to bring the freshest new talent to the scene let’s just mention that James must have been Dom’s Jedi (or should that be sith?) student.

His debut release the ‘Vega EP’ comes with four huge tracks that would lead you to believe that he’d been releasing tracks since ‘back in the day’. One of the tracks, ‘Flightpath’, was snapped up even before it had been signed (and consequently credited to his original guise ‘Dub Faction’) by none other than Damien ‘Dieselboy’ Higgins for the latest instalment of his bestselling U.S. mix series.

As for track highlights on this EP it’s hard to pick one over the other - The stuttering bass behemoth that is ‘Vega’? Or the jacking beats, shivering basslines and splashes of Rhodes in ‘White Knight’. Maybe the deep, brooding space epic ‘Alarms’ or the throbbing subs and slicing amens that form the backbone of the Dieselboy endorsed ‘Flightpath’. One thing’s for sure - Culture Shock’s got the force and he doesn’t care what side he’s on.