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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP035
December 13, 2004

Corrupt Souls - No Room In Hell EP

Corrupt Souls turn in another Heavyweight EP for the Shadow Camp following the huge response to their last MS outing - the ‘Wicked Life’ EP. Josh ‘Impulse’ Clarke and his production partner in crime Marcio Alvarado hail from Virginia USA and between them them have notched up some outstanding releases for labels such as Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, DSCI4, No U turn, Cryptic Audio, Nvision, Commercial Suicide and Ohm Resistance. Impressive, no? They continue to fly the stars and stripes for state side DnB here with four slabs of pure techno funk. Check out their own story board / script / description for each track of the EP below.

Trioxin 245: (Enter) vast soundscapes of unparalleled emptiness. Drums activate, Trioxin is released, and the change begins. (Stand steady) Deep breath’s as you take it in. The breakdown commences and there is no turning back. Sharp crooked stabs reverberate over top of the desolating atmospherics and sub. This is the fate, this is the solution, this is Trioxin.

Broadcast: (This just in)… The administration is in the midst of focusing all projected costs on military intelligence (change). Showing no mercy Corrupt Souls combine technical production and deep melody all while keeping the dance floor in mind (change). What was once thought to be housing for political is actually a day care center, more details on this bombing to follow (change) Rolling drums, haunting arpeggio’s, esoteric midrange, and apocalyptic atmospherics all make the case (change).

Drop zone: (This is a simulation) At all times be aware that the outcome is predetermined. Spacious synth repaginations and rolling bass swells fuel the ride. Fast drums and machine chants concentrate inertia to the point of paralysis. Once the low end and distorted bass line come into play it’s easily understood: This is a simulation, you have nothing to fear.

No Room In Hell: Darkness falls over the persistent blowing of the horn. The slow, sweeping strings build tension as the synth melodies intensify. The army rages forward as the drums begin. The drop breaks into chaos with hard beats, intricate synth work, moody strings, and a bass line thick enough to shake the earth beneath the bodies. No one is victorious.

Deep huh?