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November 8, 2004

Calyx (featuring Teebee) - Cyclone / Follow The Leader

The first single release from Calyx’s debut album features two collaborations with Norwegian prodigy and Photek cohort; Teebee. The aptly titled ‘Cyclone’ has been ripping across dancefloors worldwide destroying anything in its path. Lush rising pads and glittering breakbeats lull you into a false sense of security as a distant, emerging basslines signal the storm warning. ‘Cyclone’ has been championed by Andy C et al for its superb bass heavy rhythm and straight up dancefloor vibe.

‘Follow The Leader’ features the slightly more cinematic production for which both of these producers have been well known. Old school Hip Hop samples and pulsating grimey basslines make sure that dancefloor chaos ensues, as infectious melodies and echoing soundscapes drift by amidst the barrage of beats. Stunning stuff…