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Cover artwork for MSXEP036
April 11, 2005

Noisia - Block Control EP

For the last year solid, Noisia have absolutely bullied their way into the global drum and bass scene. With their consistency of high quality tracks and the niche for making a style completely their own, this crew from the Netherlands has proven themselves as red hot, time and time again. Now with their debut EP on the mighty Shadow, they have shown the world that they are also a legacy in the making.

‘Block Control’ is dancefloor at its finest. This one has graced the bags of nearly every top DJ for the last several months. It intros with a rolling break, perfect for a long mix, developing into floaty pads that swirl around subtle filtered bass squelches; then, when the sample say’s, “It’s going down”, that’s just what it does, and hard. Hands down one of the most intense and effective tunes you could play in a set right now.

Right from the start, ‘Cold Veins’ grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, Noisia delivers again with a break that could cut glass, accompanied by their trademark mid-bass that simply oozes warmth throughout the track. Nice contrasts between dark and light while managing to share moments of minimalism with undeniable depth.

The other main gem to this EP, ‘Believe’ starts out with an eerie set of pads and half time beats lasting just long enough to aid in a mix. Very epic strings on this one; think superman meets the andromeda strain. When the drop comes you are on your way, filled with bubbling basses and fierce beats. This is future funk at its best.

‘Exorcism’ is a moody bastard though, Noisia style. Crisp punchy beats guide you through a layer of dramatic pads and washes until the bass drops, letting you know it’s time to move. This one is straight and to the point, giving you everything it has, all the way throughout the track. A more than fitting way to close out an EP, especially one as complete as this.