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Cover artwork for MSXEP037
March 28, 2005

Future Prophecies - Concrete Combat EP

Future Prophecies return to Moving Shadow after causing a stir in the scene last year with their last track ‘Dreadlock’. These guys are one of the busiest outfits in the scene since their first release back in 1997. Since then they’ve notched up releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Breakbeat KAOS, Certificate 18, Kickin, Subtitles, Breakbeat Science, Disturbed and Outbreak to name but a few.

The Concrete Combat EP is Future Prophecies’ second release on Shadow; their first being last years ‘Overdrive EP’ which Update Magazine called ‘Quality hard edged Drum & Bass - four boundary-pushing cuts’. With this latest EP the Norwegian duo have definitely come up with much of the same as they conjure up four edgy tracks that transcend the genre. From the grimey bass, echoing war cries and solid beats of title track ‘Concrete Combat’, the buzzing, stuttering chainsaw basslines of equally dancefloor friendly ‘417’, thru the rising strings and flutes of operatic workout that is ‘The Dawn’ to the euphoric harmonies and driving stabs of ‘Final Fantasy’, this package is sure to have something for everyone.