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Cover artwork for MSXEP039
April 18, 2005

Deep Roots - The Vice Grip EP

Deep Roots returns again after his 12" featuring ‘Critical’ and ‘Caliente’ kicked up a storm on the Fiasco E.P.

‘Vice Grip’ is a driven track with a techno arpeggio intro setting the pace for the EP. This track has an intense drop and as the vocal suggests “it’s like my brain being held in the grip of a giant vice”.

With its subtly entwined tribal influences, African chants and bass that thunders towards you like a swarm; the aptly named ‘Africanized Bee’ delivers everything it promises and more.

‘Mechanical Mayhem’ is a lo swung roller from Roots. A little different, with dub style hits and electro vocals, its subtle vibe proves very effective.

An old skool vibe with a new skool twist is very apparent in ‘Retrospect’, as this track borrows vocals and beats from then and bass skills from now. On plate for a while, this one has proven its damage capability.