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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP040
October 31, 2005

Gein - Street Sweeper EP

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI and named after the Plainfield, Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein (whose crimes formed the basis for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the drum & bass trio known as GEIN touch down for their debut on Moving Shadow with a heavy double-pack of dark and twisted floorkillers. Supported by the likes of Dylan, Technical Itch, AK-1200, and Evol Intent, expect even more tech-driven darkness in the coming year as this crew are definitely destined for big things.

‘Street Sweeper’ draws on their inspiration from the horror and sci-fi flicks that seem to haunt all of their productions, the Gein crew piece together a gritty, rugged number that is sure to steal the show wherever it’s dropped. With an inspiring sense of call and response leading the way, look out as the machines come alive at the drop and things slowly come undone.

An eerie intro sets the pace for ‘Morning Star’ before the drums kick in and the bottom end starts churning like a trapped beast. With a swirling atmosphere and steadily evolving vision, this technoid thriller is sure to have all the darkside crew sticking and kicking their way onto the dancefloor.

‘Onslaught’ is a sinister, spiralling number that is pure horror-styled illness. With bass bombs leading the way, the hypnotizing drum-work at the core suddenly turns dirty and this subtle roller finds itself in dark territory indeed. With a reece-worm twisting and turning at the heart of the beast, beware the poisonous bite of this one as it emerges from the shadows.

‘Solace’ ends the EP with a haunting intro that’s sure to raise the hairs on even the hardest headz in the crowd. The crunchy percussion, heavy bass, and distorted stabs are sure to bring on the flashbacks to the old-school stylings of Ed Rush & Optical. It’s new-school sci-fi funk at its finest as the stuttering drums and creeped-out vision bring on a purple haze for the new millennium.