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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


Cover artwork for MSXEP041
December 19, 2005

Sunchase - Sands Of Time EP

‘Sands Of Time’ starts with echoing hi-hats as beautiful filmic vocals cry into the distance and set the scene for this dancefloor opus. Just as you drift off into the intros seismic waves you’re forced to seek cover as the breakbeats drop like a slab of concrete. Shuffling edits and huge analogue waves battle for supremacy as the heavy rhythms play havoc with your senses. Think ‘gladiator’ meets ‘aliens vs predator’…

The creepy intro of ‘Isida’ takes you on a journey through eastern percussion and crouching tiger style string arrangements. Beautiful vocals resonate amongst the dark rolling drums and huge bass lines. A perfect blend of heavy rhythms and uplifting melodies ensure this is guaranteed to smash dance floors worldwide.

‘As We Look’ gives us another vocal workout, but this time the sultry female tones emphasize the driving breaks and fluctuating bass lines that motor forward at heavy pace. Layered breaks gain more momentum as the tracks solid rhythm’s interlock at every turn. This is a straight up slice of tech-funk that is definitely gonna see some heavy rotation in the coming months.

The EP is rounded off with a fantastic piece of techno funk. The structure of ‘Next Rhythm’ is entirely synthetic, yet it breathes soul and oozes funk. A neurotic ‘speak and spell’ chants the track title as complex, robotic rhythms snap together building a wall of breaks and bass. An absolutely infectious head-nodder that will definitely have them flocking to the booth to find out what it is.