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Moving Shadow Vinyl Record spinning!


April 4, 2005

Calyx - Tearing Us Apart / Are You Ready?

The second single from No Turning Back brings two heavyweight slices of dancefloor orientated beats. The first is ‘Tearing Us Apart’ - words cannot describe what happens to the dancefloor when this track is dropped. The heavily effected swirling cries surround the head-nodding-beats as the gnarling funk induced bass parts battle for supremacy - absolutely huge.

Pleading posts from desperate punters on the various online DnB foruns means ‘Are You Ready?’ finally sees the light of day, but having been touted by none other than Grooverider for his legendary Prototype label, Calyx finally decided to include it on his Moving Shadow album. An infectious slice of futuristic DnB that destroys any sound system it comes across, the title sample opens proceedings amid an ocean of swirling effects and slowly interconnecting melodies and rhythms until that wall of bass hits you and the beats fly in.

Well, are you ready for the album?