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October 3, 2005

E-Z Rollers - Believe (Marky & XRS Remix) / Rolled Into One (Remix)

The golden boys from Brazil tend their glittery hands to this old school opus and the results are nothing short of seminal. More of an update than a remix the samba crew pay the ultimate homage to the original by subtly tweaking its elements just enough to re-energise the vibe and twist this mid nineties classic into a 21st century summer roller.

The rollers decide to take on remix duties themselves for the flip-side where they turn out a rather splendid bass heavy rhythm that pounds out in their own inimitable style. The summery vibe of the original remains, as does the immediately recognizable vocal snippets although the rollers polish up the breaks and twist out stabbing, distorted sub baselines that pound you in the chest with intent. A true homage to a true classic – we wouldn’t have had it any other way…